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Orientation FAQ

Orientation - Frequently Asked Questions

1.  What is the Pre-Health Science Major

The Pre-Health Science major is the major title for all students entering the University who are interested in pursuing Nursing.  Once approved to move into the Pre-Nursing Core Science courses in your Sophomore year, we will change your major to Pre-Nursing.  Once admitted to the actual Nursing program, we will change your major to Nursing. 

2.  Is Pre-Health Science the correct major if I want to eventually become a doctor and attend Medical School?

The courses needed for a career in Nursing are completely different than the coursework needed to enter Medical School.  If you want to become a doctor and attend Medical School after graduating with a Bachelor's Degree, we encourage you to change to one of the science majors (Majors in Biological Sciences, Chemistry, Biochemistry, or Kinesiology).  Please consult the online University Catalog for a list of courses for such majors.

3.  What to expect at Orientation 

The Advising/Registration Portion of Orientation:  You will be attending a special advising session as part of Orientation, specific to your major.  You will be learning the lower and upper-division requirements for your major, in addition to other University graduation requirements.  As the staff advisors for the Pre-Health Science major, we will spend this time with you (along with a group of students) and assist you in selecting and reserving your courses for the Fall semester.

It is best to come prepared knowing which days and times you have available for taking courses.  To increase your range of courses available to you, identify several different days and blocks of time in which you’ll be able to take courses. Try to keep your options open.  If you are working, talk with your employer before attending an Orientation about possible shifts in your work schedule to accommodate course availability.  Additionally, please bring photocopies of AP Test Scores and any College Transcripts with you.

4.  Review the CSU Fees and Prompt Payment Deadlines

This is very important!  Be sure to review the CSU Fee Structure and Prompt Payment Deadlines prior to attending Orientation.  Visit the following Web site well in advance of attending Orientation, so that you can be prepared for your payment of fees when required, or make other financial arrangements.  For information on Financial Aid opportunities, visit the Financial Aid and Scholarship Web site: (Remember, VISA, is not an accepted form of payment for your fees.) 

5.  Will an Advisor be present at Orientation for me to consult with about specific questions?

There may be up to 40 students in our group of Pre-Health Science students at any particular Orientation session.  While we will be available to walk around, to assist students in planning out your courses to take this fall, we cannot do extensive one-on-one advising during Orientation. Drop-in advising is available for the first 2 weeks of each semester.

6.  Can I meet with an Advisor prior to Orientation?

Because we spend quite a bit of time with you during Orientation to fully explain your major and other graduation requirements, we do not meet individually with students prior to the start of your first semester here.  We can assure you that you will get the help you need, as part of Orientation, to understand your major and to register for your first semester courses.   Should you have a question after you attend Orientation, but before the start of the term, you can contact us by email.