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Suggested Units for First Year Students

First Year -- How many units to take?

  • One 'unit' generally equals 1 hour of instruction time per week.
  • A 3-unit course would then equal 3 hours of instruction time per week.  Exceptions to this are for art or science type courses/labs with hands-on instruction.
  • 12 units or more is considered 'full-time' status for students during a fall or spring semester.  A typical full-time load would be 12-15 units.
  • 9 units is considered 'full-time' during a summer term.
  • 2 hours of study time each week, outside of class, is recommended for every unit of coursework.
  • 24 hours of study time each week, outside of class is recommended for 12 units of coursework. 

So, be sure to plan accordingly as you decide on how many units, or courses, in which to enroll for the fall semester.  For Pre-Health Science students, it is better to slow down and get good grades!