Important Information for Students Newly Admitted to the University

  1. All newly admitted students to the University, interested in Nursing, enter the University as a Pre-Health Science major. You will spend your first year here completing Speech, English, Critical Thinking, and Statistics, along with some other General Education courses.  Our Traditional Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) program currently has two levels of Impaction. This occurs because we have more students currently interested in this major than we can accommodate in the Pre-Nursing Core Science courses and in the actual Nursing Program itself. 
  2. Review your math prior to taking the ELM exam, if you must take this exam.  It may have been 6 months or more since you have last taken a math course in high school.  It's important to do some review prior to taking this exam; otherwise, you may be required to take one or more semesters of remedial math courses once you begin as a student here at the University. You can take this exam more than one time.
  3. If you are looking for a class or two to take at a local community college prior to attending the University here in the fall, below are some excellent choices.  These courses are by no means required to be taken prior to entering the University.  These courses will be available at California State University San Marcos for current students.
    • Spanish or other Language, if you are not fluent in a language other than English; students earn more points in the Admission Criteria by studying Spanish.
    • Intro to Psychology
    • Speech
  4. We also award points as part of the admission process into the Nursing Program for Volunteer Experience.  We prefer that the volunteer experience be in a hospital setting, and you must have interaction with patients.  It's never too early to get started accumulating volunteer hours, if you are interested.  Once you begin attending the University, we will periodically inform you of other volunteer opportunities.   All students enter the University as a Pre-Health Science Student, so there will be plenty of opportunity once you begin attending here to complete the volunteer experience, but for those who want to get started early, this is an option.