Orientation Checklist for First Year Students

The School of Nursing welcomes you to California State University San Marcos!  As your Pre-Health Science/Pre-Nursing/Nursing Advisors, we look forward to working with you as you prepare for a career in Nursing and in completing the Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing.  All newly-admitted students interested in Nursing enter the University as a Pre-Health Science major.  

We will see you at a University Orientation in Summer for those admitted in Fall to the University.  Each University Orientation Session, listed for the Nursing major, will include a special break-out session specific to the Nursing major.  We will be explaining the nursing major and helping you to select and register for your classes for the Fall semester. Please take a few minutes to read through the information below, as it will make our Academic Advising portion of Orientation much more enjoyable and less confusing. 

Your Pre-Health Science/Pre-Nursing/Nursing Advisors,
Gwen Hansen and Brandon Bogges

Important Info for Students Newly-admitted to University
Frequently Asked Questions
Understanding the Nursing Degree

  • An Impacted Program -- What does this Mean?
  • Point System -- Supplemental Admission Criteria
  • Pre-Nursing Core
  • 3-Year Generic/Basic Nursing Program -- must apply later to enter Program
  • General Education
  • Other University Graduation Requirements

How Many Units to Take?
Nursing Volunteer Work --Can even get started in Summer prior to entering the University!
Get Involved!