Orientation Checklist for First Year Students

The School of Nursing welcomes you to California State University San Marcos!  As your Pre-Health Science/Pre-Nursing/Nursing Advisors, we look forward to working with you as you prepare for a career in Nursing and in completing the Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing.  All newly-admitted students interested in Nursing enter the University as a Pre-Health Science major.  

We will see you at a University Orientation in Summer for those admitted in Fall to the University.  Each University Orientation Session, listed for the Nursing major, will include a special break-out session specific to the Nursing major.  We will be explaining the nursing major and helping you to select and register for your classes for the Fall semester. Please take a few minutes to read through the information below, as it will make our Academic Advising portion of Orientation much more enjoyable and less confusing.  And be sure to view the Advising modules for First-Year students, as linked within the Orientation Programs Web site, and complete the quiz at the end.  These Media-site modules include important information that will help you at Orientation!

Your Pre-Health Science/Pre-Nursing/Nursing Advisors,
Gwen Hansen and Nancy Kingsley

Important Info for Students Newly-admitted to University
Frequently Asked Questions
Understanding the Nursing Degree

  • An Impacted Program -- What does this Mean?
  • Point System -- Supplemental Admission Criteria
  • Pre-Nursing Core
  • 3-Year Generic/Basic Nursing Program -- must apply later to enter Program
  • General Education
  • Other University Graduation Requirements

How Many Units to Take?
Nursing Volunteer Work --Can even get started in Summer prior to entering the University!
Get Involved!