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Nursing Volunteer Work

All of our Pre-Nursing Students are encouraged to complete volunteer work in an acute-care facility.  We would prefer a hospital setting, but other acceptable settings include a Skilled Nursing Facility, under the supervision of an RN, or Hospice Care.   We want you to have some interaction with patients in this volunteer work.  Our goal is to get you out there and see what the Nursing profession, and Nursing specializations, are all about.

The Supplemental Admission Criteria, or Point System, for the Generic-Basic BSN includes optional points for students who accumulate anywhere from 50-201+ hours of acceptable volunteer work.  This is not a requirement for admission to the Nursing program, but is an excellent way to learn more about the Nursing and medical professions, and a good way to earn points!

As a first-year student, many of you will not have transportation available to you.  The volunteer work does not need to be completed in your first year here at the University, but if you do have an opportunity to get started in volunteer work, that would be great.  Winter and Summer Breaks are a great opportunity to complete volunteer work near your home, and it is not too early to get started! We will also accept volunteer hours accumulated while in high school, provided you had some interaction with patients and can get these hours documented.   Some facilities will have volunteer opportunities available in a hospital gift shop, a file room, or at a reception desk where you are just answering phones and directing visitors.  We only accept volunteer hours in which you are interacting with patients who are getting medical care.

As you get ready, in a future semester, to begin seeking out volunteer opportunities, it will help to identify yourself at the facility as a Cal State San Marcos Pre-Nursing student.   There are many local opportunities for performing this volunteer work and, as your Nursing Advisors, we will assist you with this process when you are ready.  Once you begin your studies here at the University, we will periodically be sending information via email about volunteer opportunities.