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Transfer Students

The School of Nursing requires all newly-admitted Pre-Health Science, Pre-Nursing and Nursing students to attend a University Transfer Orientation before registering in any courses. All newly admitted students to the University, who are pursuing our Traditional BSN or LVN to BSN programs, will enter the University as a Pre-Health Science Major.  Admission to the University as a Pre-Health Science Major does not guarantee you a space in any of the University's Nursing Programs. Your major will be changed to Nursing once admitted to a specific Nursing program.

Traditional BSN Program: The School of Nursing application deadline for entering our Fall program is Oct. 1 - Nov. 30. Nursing application will be available on our School of Nursing Web site during this application period. Our allocated funding from the State has limited us to admit only one cohort (40-50 seats)into this program each fall only. Our Point System, or Supplemental Admission Criteria, by which all Traditional BSN applicants will be evaluated, can be found on our nursing Web site under 'Prospective Students'.  Additionally, please view the Statistics for our previously-admitted Traditional BSN cohorts to determine if you are competitive for admission to this highly-impacted program.

LVN-to-BSN Program:  Students must apply online to the School of Nursing between Oct. 1 - Nov. 30 for entry to this program..  We currently only admit for a fall entry to this program. With the exception of military trained Corpsman, or equivalent military training/experience, LVN coursework must show on a college/university transcript from a regionally-accredited institution; otherwise, you will need to prepare for entry to our Traditional BSN program or Accelerated BSN program, or try to get admitted to a California Community College LVN to RN program, and consider entering our RN to BSN or RN to MSN programs..  Please visit our LVN to BSN Program Web link for more information on admission requirements to this program.

Students interested in our RN-to-BSN, RN to MSN, and Accelerated BSN Programs:  These programs are being offered through the University Office of Extended Learning. Please check the Extended Learning Web site for updates and further information about these programs.  We will have an advisor at each Orientation session for our major, who is knowledgeable about the Accelerated BSN program.  The Accelerated BSN program is marginally impacted and admits more students each year than we are able to admit to the State-support Generic/Basic BSN program.

Frequently Asked Questions:

 1.  Will I be able to get a seat in the Pre-Nursing Core Science courses at CSU San Marcos?

No, not through State-support tuition.  Through Extended Learning on our campus, however, most, if not all, of the Pre-Nursing Core science courses are offered periodically on 'self-support' tuition.  CHEM 105/105L is usually offered each summer at CSUSM. BIOL 175 is usally offered each fall, and BIOL 176 is usually offered each spring.  These courses appear in the Class Schedule as CHEM 105_EL, for example.  Please be aware, though, that the tuition for such a course is separate, and in addition to, any other courses in which you may enroll regularly through the CSU State-support tuition.  We will explain this in more detail at our Orientation sessions. We recommend that you make plans to complete any missing Pre-Nursing Core science courses at a local Community College.

Our Nursing major has a new, additional level of Impaction that determines who gets a seat in the Pre-Nursing Core science courses.  Our entering first-year students, right out of high school, spend their first year taking the CSU Golden Four courses (GE Areas A1, A2, A3, and B4) and then 'apply' to advance into the science courses during their Sophomore year of study.  For a limited number of these students, the Pre-Nursing Core science courses are offered here only on the following schedule:

Fall Term:  BIOL 175  Anatomy and Physiology I and CHEM 105/105L
Spring Term:  BIOL 176 Anatomy and Physiology II and BIOL 160 Microbiology 

The science courses will be repeated only in this sequence each year for the next group of current CSUSM Sophomore students.  We encourage you to complete any missing science courses here at CSU San Marcos through Extended Learning or at a Community College.  You can be dually enrolled at a community college, while attending CSU San Marcos.

2.  What to Expect at Orientation?

The Advising/Registration Portion of Orientation:  You will be attending a special advising session as part of Orientation, specific to your major.  You will be learning the lower and upper-division requirements for your major, in addition to other University graduation requirements.  As the staff advisors for the Pre-Health Science major, we will spend this time with you (along with a small group of students) and assist you in selecting and reserving your courses for your first semester here at CSUSM.

All newly-admitted Transfer Students will have a personalized Academic Requirements Report, available for you to view prior to attending a University Orientation, based on the transcripts received in the University Admissions Office up through the time that you are officially admitted to the University.  This is why it's important to bring photocopies of transcripts for your courses taken in Fall 2011 and/or Spring 2012 (for a Fall 2012 admit), as these later transcripts may not be available to us prior to the Orientation sessions. 

As part of each Orientation Session, you will be reserving your courses for the fall term.  We will assist you with the actual registration process while still in this group. 

It's best to come prepared knowing which days and times you have available for taking courses.  To increase your range of courses available to you, identify several different days and blocks of time in which you'll be able to take courses. Try to keep your options open.  If you are working, talk with your employer before attending an Orientation about possible shifts in your work schedule to accommodate course availability.  Please realize that all current students will have already registered for courses by the time that you attend a University Orientation.  Seating availability in specific courses or on specific days/times will be limited for your first semester here.

At each Orientation for the Nursing major, we will also be explaining the Accelerated BSN program, and why this pathway to a BSN degree may be advantageous to you.

3.  Do I need to bring copies of any College Transcripts with me?

Bring unofficial or photocopies of your transcripts from other colleges or universities you attended, if any, and AP test or IB scores.  For advising purposes at Orientation, these can be unofficial or photo copies.  

4.  What are the CSU Fees and Prompt Payment Deadlines?

This is very important!  Be sure to review the CSU Fee Structure and Prompt Payment Deadlines prior to attending Orientation.  Visit the following Web site well in advance of attending Orientation, so that you can be prepared for your payment of fees or make other arrangements, if needed, for the Installment Payment Plan.

For information on Financial Aid opportunities, visit the Financial Aid and Scholarship Web site:

(Remember, VISA, is not an accepted form of payment for your fees.) 

5.  Will an Advisor be present at Orientation for me to consult with about specific questions?

There may be up to 20 students in our group of Pre-Health/Nursing students at any particular Orientation session.  While we will be available to walk around, after the presentation, to assist students briefly with questions, we cannot do extensive one-on-one advising during Orientation.  Beginning with your first semester here at Cal State San Marcos, you will be able to schedule an individualized 30-minute advising appointment.  Drop-in advising is available for the first 2 weeks of each semester.  Our offices are located in the Palomar Pomerado Health (PPH) Building, Suite 201, located at the corner of S. Twin Oaks Valley Rd. and Craven Drive.

6.  Can I meet with an Advisor prior to Orientation?

Because we spend quite a bit of time with you during Orientation to fully explain your major and other graduation requirements, we do not meet individually with students prior to the start of your admit semester.  We can assure you that you will get the help you need, as part of Orientation, to understand your major and to register for your first semester courses. 

We look forward to seeing you at Orientation!

Your Nursing Academic Advisors