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Frequently Asked Questions

1.  Is Nursing the correct major if I want to eventually become a doctor and attend Medical School?

The courses needed for a career in Nursing are completely different than the coursework needed to enter Medical School.  If you want to become a doctor and attend Medical School after graduating with a Bachelor's Degree, we encourage you to change to one of the science majors (Majors in Biological Sciences, Chemistry, Biochemistry, or Kinesiology).  Please consult the online University Catalog for a list of courses for such majors.

2.  I only want to pursue Nursing. What are my options?
  • Apply to the Nursing major in high school as a freshman student.
  • Attend the community college and apply to the Nursing major as a transfer student. Follow the transfer articulation for the nursing major using
  • Pursue an RN degree at the community college and apply to an RN to BSN program.
  • Receive your Bachelor's Degree in another major and take pre-nursing core courses through a Community College or Extended Learning. Once completed, apply to the Accelerated BSN program offered through CSUSM Extended Learning.
3.  What are the Pre-Nursing core courses needed to apply to a Nursing Program?
  • Transfer students and other majors, must complete 8 core courses to apply to a Nursing program.    

CSU "Golden Four" Basic Skills Courses

  • A1 Oral Communication
  • A2 English
  • A3 Critical Thinking
  • B4 Statistics

Pre-Nursing Core Science Courses              

  • Anatomy
  • Physiology
  • Microbiology
  • Integrated Chemistry 


4. What are my options if not accepted into the Nursing major?
  • Take the opportunity to learn about other health related careers and/or majors that involve helping people.
  • Explore other majors that have a health focus, such as Human Development (HD)
  • Consider other majors that lead to 'helping' professions, such as Liberal Studies (teaching), Sociology, or Speech Language Pathology (SLP).
  • Keep your options open. Learn about your aptitudes, interests, and career values to find an alternate career in which you will find fulfillment.
  • Visit the Career Center where you can do a career assessment and explore other major options. 
5. Can I meet with an Advisor prior to CSUSM Admission?

We do not meet individually with students prior to the start of your first semester at CSUSM. Should you have questions after you attend a New Student Orientation, but before the start of the term, you can contact us by email.