School of Nursing Program Costs

Traditional BSN and LVN to BSN Programs 

These two Nursing Programs, offered through the School of Nursing, follow the State-support CSU tuition fees.  There are eight terms in each of these programs.

Entry to a Nursing program also requires some significant up-front, one-time fees.  These can total at least $2,100 (including the first semester of Nursing textbooks), depending if a student has a health insurance plan, or it they must purchase one. 

Additional Start-up Fees Specific to the Generic/Basic BSN Program are noted below. Do not purchase any of these, prior to attending the Nursing Orientation in July, 2012.

Dove Uniforms and Shoes $360.00
Health Tote Kit $240.00


Handheld Device (no camera) $300.00
Textbooks and Software $600.00
ATI Supplemental Materials $400.00
Background Check/Drug Screen $75.00
I-Clicker II $50.00
Malpractice Liability Insurance $20/yr.
Physical Exam/Immunizations Varies
Health Insurance Varies
HIPPA No Charge