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Faculty Mentors

Name Last Department Research Area
Michael Burin Physics Applied Physics and Fluid Dynamics
Nancy  Caine Psychology Comparative Psychology
Dustin Calvillo Psychology Cognitive Psychology
Charles De Leone Physics Science Education
Matthew Escobar Biology Plant Molecular Biology
Denise  Garcia Biology Genetics
Gerardo  Gonzalez Psychology Clinical Psychology
Sharon  Hamill Psychology Developmental Psychology
Russell Jackson Psychology Cognitive Psychology
Sajith  Jayasinghe Chemistry Protein Chemistry
Deborah  Kristan Biology Physiological Ecology
Heike Mahler Psychology Health Psychology
Jose  Mendoza Chemistry Protein Chemistry
Bianca  Mothe Biology Immunology and Virology
Karno  Ng-Alson Chemistry Analytical Chemistry
Brian  Norris Biology Neurophysiology
Ed Price Physics Science Education
Kimberly Pulvers Psychology Clinical Psychology
Betsy  Read Biology Plant Molecular Biology
Wesley  Schultz Psychology Social Psychology
Miriam Schustack Psychology Human Cognition
Thomas Spady Biology Reproductive Physiology
Jackie  Trischman Chemistry Natural Products Chemistry
Keith  Trujillo Psychology Psychopharmacology & Behavioral Neuroscience
Stephen Tsui Physics Materials Physics
George  Vourlitis Biology Terrestrial Ecology