Current MARC Scholars


My name is Aurelio Arango. I am a senior at California State University San Marcos and I will be graduating this Spring in Computer Science. I am a first generation college student. I am currently conducting research in Computer Science with Dr. Xiaoyu Zhang looking at genes that are responsible for calcification. I previously worked with Dr. Denise Garcia and Dr. Suzanne Hizer in a Genetics lab designing algorithms for data extraction and reduction. I am interested in obtaining a Ph.D in Artificial Intelligence. I want to further incorporate AI into our daily life and make it easier by developing algorithms to recognize objects and modeling real world scenarios. I want to conduct research in the area of Artificial intelligence in the future.


My name is Carlos Gonzalez and I am a Biology major at CSU San Marcos. I am the first person in my family to study a STEM discipline. Currently, I am a MARC scholar working in the Dr. Keith Trujillo's neuropsychopharmacology Lab. Our work focuses on drug-induced behavioral differences between adults and adolescents. In the future I would like to explore the connection between the immune and nervous system, especially with respect to neuroinflammatory diseases such as multiple sclerosis and Alzheimers. I plan to pursue a PhD in this area of study and seek faculty positions further into the future.  


My name is Carlos Rosas. I am a junior at Cal State San Marcos majoring in psychology. I graduated from MiraCosta College with Associate’s degree in general studies with an emphasis in Social and Behavioral Sciences. I am a MARC scholar, and I am currently working with Dr. Heike I. M. Mahler. Our research project involves examining the prevalence of intragroup discrimination and its effects on the health of Latinos. I wish to pursue a PhD in Social Psychology and continue to do researc.


My name is Gary Simmons. I am an African-Filipino American graduating senior at California State University—San Marcos (CSUSM). I anticipate earning my bachelor’s degree in Applied Physics in the Spring of 2014. The 2013-2014 academic year will be my second year of my fellowship with the Minority Access to Research Careers (MARC) program at CSUSM. Since September of 2012, I have been investigating the physics behind commercial plasma globes with Dr. Michael J Burin at CSUSM. After graduating from CSUSM I aspire to earn a doctorate degree in Astronomy/ Astrophysics with the desire of becoming a university physics professor.


My name is Josephine Gonzales. I am a junior Cellular and Molecular Biology major at California State University San Marcos. I am Mexican American and a first generation college student. I am working in Dr. Julie Jameson's Immunology lab. Our lab focuses on epithelial barrier tissue function specifically in the skin, small intestine, and lungs. We analyze how wound healing becomes compromised in metabolic disease such as chronic obesity and type II diabetes. I plan on pursuing a PhD in Immunology. I would like to contribute to society's scientific understanding of diseases through valued clinical biomedical research such as discovering innovative and therapeutic treatments. My aspiration for the future is to continue my passion of scientific research as well as pursuing a teaching career at a university.

lili My name is Lilibeth Flores, I am a first generation college student at Cal State San Marcos. I will be graduating in the spring of 2014 with a BA in psychology. I joined the OTRES family as a MARC scholar in April of 2012. I have been working in the Applied Social Psychology lab under the mentorship of Dr. Paul Wesley Schultz. Our lab focuses on understanding the impact of minority training programs, such as RISE and MARC, to increase the number of minority students in the sciences. My goal is to obtain a Ph.D and contribute to the psychology research field, specifically on the topic of aggression, while preparing other young scientists for a career in research.
mark My name is Mark Dela Cruz Bartolo. I am a senior Applied Physics major and Computer Science minor at California State University San Marcos. I am a Filipino-Spanish American and a first generation college student in my family to pursue a university education. Over the summer of 2013 I have worked with Dr. Soumik Banerjee on molecular dynamic simulations applied to organic photovoltaic cells in the photo-active layer. I will be working in Dr. Stephen Tsui's physics lab on solid state physics. I plan on pursuing a PhD in physics. I want to work on relevant and significant research that will contribute to further understanding physics and materials. I intend to continue to do research in the future in graduate school and work as a researcher in industry or academia.
 alannah Hello! My name is Alannah Miranda and I am a senior majoring in biochemistry with a minor in physics. I have been a MARC scholar since May 2012. For the past year I have worked with Dr. Denise Garcia and Dr. Suzanne Hizer identifying viral sequences which have integrated into the L.stylirostris genome. This semester I have joined Dr. Matthew Escobar's lab. We are working to characterize an enzyme, polyphenol oxidase (PPO), in walnut leaves. This fall I will be applying to graduate programs in neuroscience and cell and developmental biology, and hope to pursue research on the effect of genetic mutations on signaling pathways involved in sensory systems. 

My name is German Mendoza, a junior studying Molecular & Cellular Biology at California State University San Marcos. I am a first generation Mexican-American that has pursued education to become successful with the intention of helping my family. I currently work in Dr. Jameson’s lab which focuses in Immunology. My project’s emphasis is on the Tumor Necrosis Factor receptor, a pro-inflammatory receptor, found on gamma delta T Cells. I plan on obtaining a PhD in Virology where I will be able to thoroughly understand the mechanisms of viruses, and maybe one day I will be able to devise a cure for a deadly virus strand.