The RISE Program accepts applications continuously.  Selection Committee
will evaluate the application of each candidate and  letters of
recommendation.  Selection meetings are generally held late spring and summer. 

The RISE application has five parts.

  1. Application
  2. Two faculty letters of recommendation for undegraduates and three for graduate students 
    • Letters of recommendation should be submitted directly by the
      writer to
  3. Unofficial transcript(s)
  4. Personal Statement  
    • Career Goals and aspirations
    • Factors that contributed to your decision to study science
    • Your particular area of research interest, why you wish to participate
      in the RISE program and how your participation may help you
      achieve your career goals
  5. Research Experience Essay
    • Brief summary of your research experiences.

Please note:  The RISE is a year-round research training program, for students preparing for doctoral (Ph.D.) education. 

Incomplete applications will not be reviewed

RISE Undergraduate application

RISE Word Application

RISE PDF Application

RISE Graduate Application

If you have any questions about applying to the RISE program, please feel free to contact Perla Rivas at or 760-750-3681.