Puzzling a classroom requires scheduling 48 hours of class time for one room, thereby reserving the room for those scheduled classes during the schedule build process for the semester.

Spring 2015: DEADLINE for getting Puzzling in for approval is the last day of the schedule build period 10/10 (please send puzzle to acdsched@csusm.edu). Once you receive confirmation that it is approved, you can enter the room into the Facility ID section in PSoft. Do NOT enter any puzzled rooms in before it is approved by Academic Scheduling.


  1. Let Academic Scheduling (acdsched@csusm.edu) know as soon as you choose a room to schedule.
    Also, let us know if you have decided not to puzzle a requested room - We would like you not to go through wasted effort if more than one person is trying to schedule the same room!
  2. Room Chart
    Please use a room chart to put in the 54 hrs of classes, then scan and send to Academic Scheduling (acdsched@csusm.edu)
    Room Chart for Puzzling - Please use new worksheet on same document for each room puzzled.
  3. Puzzled rooms must adequately meet, but not exceed, capacity
    (i.e. Classes of 25 or 61, cannot meet in a 60 capacity room)
    Do not go under 70% of room capacity and try to stay as close to 100% as possible.
    NEVER go over 100% of room capacity.
  4. Classroom Capacity and Room Features Information
    Select Building on left bar, then select Room
  5. Schedule professors with back-to-back classes into the same room
    Sorting a query by professors is helpful for this process.
  6. Approved Course Meeting Times
    Unless you have approval from Academic Scheduling, you must use approved class meeting times for all classes.
    Please keep in mind, due to University Hour on Tuesdays & Thursday, TR and MW morning meeting patterns are different.

Rooms already being puzzled for Spring 2015

  • ACD 205 (SM)
  • ACD 306 (DA)
  • ACD 308 (DA)
  • ACD 408 (OB & JN)
  • MARK 103 (JN)
  • MARK 203 (PC)
  • MARK 205 (OB)
  • MARK 209 (OB)
  • MARK 210 (PC)
  • MARK 211 (OB)
  • MARK 213 (OB)
  • MARK 214 (PC)
  • MARK 301 (JN)
  • MARK 303 (JN)
  • MARK 308 (JN)
  • MARK 309 (SM)
  • *SBSB 1105 (YW)
  • SBSB 1107 (HM)
  • SBSB 1108 (HM)
  • SBSB 1109 (KK)
  • SBSB 2107 (SM)
  • SBSB 2109 (SM)
  • SBSB 2111 (YW)
  • UNIV 273 (BM)
  • UNIV 444 (BM)

*Approved for Entering into PSoft