Schedule Preparation Timeline

Schedule Preparation Timeline

Spring 2015 Schedule Preparation Timeline

August 2014 Spring 2014 (PS 2142) UG courses will be rolled into Spring 2015 (PS 2152) term; topics courses and courses that changed in PSoft since Spring 2013 to be removed.

9/13 CSM

Preschedule Period -- Deadlines for Department Chairs to submit auditoria, MARK 202, SBSB 4119 and QUAD requests to their Associate Deans. All requests submitted to the ADs by deadline will be scheduled first, with conflicts worked out by the ADs. NOTE: Auditoria are for 100+ enrollment caps.
Mon 9/22 Preschedule Period -- Deadline for Colleges to submit finalized auditoria, MARK 202, SBSB 4119 and QUAD requests to Academic Scheduling. These will be confirmed by 9/27. Requests submitted after 9/22 will be scheduled in the order received after the others are confirmed, and, based on space availability.
Mon 9/22 -
Fri 10/10
Academic Scheduling to provide Schedule Build training sessions for new staff and focused work sessions for current staff. PC labs will be reserved for staff throughout the Schedule Build period to provide this training, and assistance, if needed. The labs also provide a place for the staff to work undisturbed on their schedule entries.
Mon 9/22 Begin Schedule Build for Department Staff. Mandatory Meeting: Monday, 9/22
Open schedule in PSoft to academic departments for entering schedules.
Fri 9/26 End Pre-Scheduling Period. Acad Sched sends confirmations to Associate Deans for distribution.
Wed 10/1 Deadline for Department Chairs to submit schedules to Academic Coordinators or Department Staff for entering into PeopleSoft.
Fri 10/10 End Schedule Build for Department Staff.
Deadline for Department Staff to enter Spring 2012 schedule into PSoft. Access to be closed.
Deadline for Room Puzzling by Departments. Room assignments are only guaranteed if the 54-hour requirement is met.
All requests or changes submitted after 10/10 are considered late. Changes received after the 10/10 deadline will be processed after 10/27, and in the order received. These changes must be submitted via the appropriate forms at Due to time constraints, some change requests may not be processed until AFTER the class schedule is posted.
IMPORTANT NOTE: Schedule will not be available for review in PSoft until 10/27. PSoft queries will not be accurate until after 10/28.
Deadline for Need to Know List: Colleges/departments submit the following items to the Academic Scheduling Office via
Key examples below. For additional examples, refer to Business Process Guide.
- Crosslisted classes and Combined classes – 2 classes sharing one space
- Reserve capacity needs
- PC/Mac computer lab needs
- Disability Access needs (also needs to be on file with HR)
- Back-to-back classes
- Space layout needs (tablet armchairs, tiered rows, tables & chairs, etc.)
Fri 10/10

Please forward the following information to your faculty -> Faculty to submit the following to IITS:
- Course software requests from faculty for each course
Please request that all faculty who will need any software on instructors stations, labs computer, or CougarApps fill out the appropriate request below.
PC and CougarApps requests:
Mac requests:
Please Note: If a software request is not received for software packages, it will be assumed that the package is no longer needed and may be eliminated. Questions-email Bill Ward at

Mon 10/13 -
Fri 10/17
(Audit Period)
Process Need to Know List
To the extent that time permits, the Academic Scheduling Office will review the schedule for items such as Approved Class Meeting Times, classes are meeting the appropriate # of hours/week, lecture/lab components included, maximum enrollment matches capacity of room requested, footnotes noted appropriately, both parts of cross-listed sections included, part-of-term noted, special room requests fulfilled where possible, etc. Please note the primary responsibility for these items lies with the departments offering the classes.
Mon 10/20 -
Fri 10/24
(Classroom Placements)
Academic Scheduler imports PS data into R25, runs S25 and analyzes and makes rooms placements.
Academic Scheduler works with Department Chairs and/or faculty to find alternate time, day or location for classes that could not be scheduled during originally requested time/day/location.
Mon 10/27 -
Fri 10/31
(Dept Review)
Department Review: Please run a query (enrollment summary) to make sure that your class schedule is correct. Please check meeting patterns, faculty and space assignments.
Mon 11/3 -
Wed 11/5
The Academic Scheduling Office reviews and finalizes the entire schedule.
Thurs 11/6 Approximate date that the Class Schedule will be posted online. [Tues. 11/11 – Veteran’s Day -- campus closed.]
Fri 11/7 Faculty Deadline for IITS software requests.
Please forward this to your faculty:
All requests after this date will be considered on a case by case basis as to whether IITS can obtain licenses, integrate the requested software, and complete necessary testing to ensure proper functionality. (See previous notation on 10/10 on this page.)
For questions, please contact Bill Ward at
Mon 11/17 Priority Registration begins. (TENTATIVE)
Fri 12/18 Final Exam Schedule to be posted online.
Mon 1/12/2015 Fall 2015 Schedule Preparation Timeline ready for Distribution. (TENTATIVE)

Posted: June 2, 2014