Student Permit Prices

Students wishing to use credit card to pay for parking permit fees must complete those transactions on-line: On-Line Parking Permit Sales.  The University accepts MasterCard, Discover, American Express, and Electronic Checks when paying on-line. 
All walk in sales for student permits are cash, check or debit (ATM) only.
Automobile Permit Prices
Academic Year Permit  $643.00 academic year
Semester Permit    
Semester (Spring or Fall)  $338.00 semester
 X,Y, and Z Permit Only  $254.00 semester
Summer Sessions   
Full Summer Session  $225.00 full session
Sessions I or II  $120.00 ea. session
 X,Y, and Z Permit Only  $147.00 full session 
Motorcycle Permit Cost
Semester (Fall, Spring, & Summer)    $70.00 semester

 Daily Rates (Yellow or Blue Pay Stations)
 Permit Machines accept 1's, 5's, and quarters, and Debit/Credit Cards
 Permit Machines are located in parking lots B,C,F,K,N,X and Parking Structure 1
          All Day permit ............$9.00
          4 hour permit..............$6.00
          2 hour permit..............$4.00

Parking Meters 
Parking meters accept quarters, nickels, and dimes.
Parking meters are located in parking lots B, C, E, L, O
Parking Meters .........$1.50 per half hour
Parking Map