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About Us

Mission Statement:

“The Pathways to Academic Success and Opportunities (PASO) Center is dedicated to increasing retention and graduation rates amongst PASO Scholars by infusing culturally relevant curriculum, enhancing existing student support services, introducing innovative technological approaches, and striving to promote educational equity at the institutional level.”

Latino Grads

What is PASO?

Funded by the Department of Education as a Title V Hispanic-Serving Institution CSUSM received a 2.6 million dollar grant over a period of five years. The Pathways to Academic Success & Opportunities (PASO) program is housed in Academic Affairs under the direction of Provost Graham Oberem, Ph.D., Minerva Gonzalez, Project Director, and Dr. Marisol Clark-Ibáñez, as the Faculty Lead Director.

Dr. Marisol Clark-Ibáñez is an Associate Professor in the Sociology Department and joined California State University San Marcos in 2003. She earned tenure in June 2009. She is currently the Faculty Lead for PASO and coordinates programs such as community learning with Chicanx/Latinx focus, course enhancement for faculty interested in including more Chicanx/Latinx related content and assignments, applied research assistantships for Chicanx/Latinx students, and mentoring for Chicano/Latino second year students. As a Peruvian-American, she is dedicated to social justice issues in the community, especially as they relate to the diversity of experiences of Chicanx/Latinx in the United States.

PASO aims to expand educational opportunities and improve the academic attainment of Latino students. With the focus on retention and graduation of Latino students through the Pathways to Academic Success & Opportunities program, CSUSM will address the achievement gap among Latino students by implementing innovative student services, culturally relevant curriculum, and meaningful co-curricular offerings aimed at increasing retention and graduation rates specifically for this student group.

What Does PASO Have to Offer You?

  • Free Printing
  • Book Vouchers
  • Surface Pro (laptop) checkout
  • Assists you and your parents with the Financial Aid Application
    process and additional information requests to ensure timely awards
  • Provides resources to CSUSM academic and student services
  • Helps with high school to college transition
  • Math and Writing Tutoring
  • Learning Communities
  • PASO Courses
  • Retention Services
  • Scholarship Search
  • PASO Ambassador Mentoring
  • Faculty Student Mentoring
  • Sense of belonging and connect you to campus life
  • First Year Educational Plans and academic advising