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2nd Year Latino Male Mentoring Program


F.U.E.RZA is a mentoring program developed within the PASO HSI grant designed to meet the needs of the Latino male PASO Scholars in their second year with resources and support that are not currently available to them. 


Our goal is to focus on academic success and ethnic consciousness development in a culturally validating mentoring program driven by Latinx/Chicanx students' experiences, strengths, and voices.


As part of the F.U.E.RZA mentoring program, students will:

  1. Share their stories and testimonios in a safe space in order to have their voices heard and validated.
  2. Critically reflect on their diverse experiences as Latinx/Chicanx students to develop an awareness of social inequalities and structural barriers to academic progress in order to effectively advocate for self and others.
  3. Identify strengths that are rooted in cultural heritage thereby enriching cultural capital to overcome adversity, promote academic success, develop positive ethnic identity, and foster agency.

F.U.E.RZA - Mentoring Program Overview


Lead Mentors:

  • Leandro Galaz (Lecturer - Master of Social Work)
  • Rafael Hernández (Assistant Professor - Human Development)
  • Leo Melena (Director of Student Success - CHABSS)

Peer Mentors:

  • Crystal Guerrero (Graduate Student - Master of Social Work)
  • Nancy Penaloza (Graduate Student - Master of Social Work)

Additional Members:

  • PASO Faculty Lead: Marisol Clark-Ibañez (Professor - Sociology)
  • Latin@ Center Director: Maria Mendoza-Bautista