Absence Management Self Service

Absence Management is the CSU’s new leave reporting and absence management system. Effective January 2013, it will replace Time and Labor as the campus’ primary method for reporting and tracking absences.  Absence Management is a more cost-effective and efficient system which will save our campus thousands of dollars annually. It also brings many exciting improvements including the following features for end-users:

  • 24/7 real-time access with up-to-date leave balances and leave usage information.
  • Personalized, user friendly self-service reporting and approval pages that are simple to learn and use.
  • Instant leave time validation which ensures employees’ time is submitted accurately.
  • Employee schedules are managed electronically and related plus/minus calculations are automated, reducing or eliminating the need for managers to send monthly plus/minus reports to Payroll Services.
  • Managers can easily review employee leave time taken and available leave balances
We are excited to implement these enhancements for our campus community and look forward to a smooth transition to the new Absence Management system!

*NOTE: Faculty may choose to participate and enter absences into Self-Service.

Process Overview

Process Overview Image


Below are several resources employees can use to learn the Absence Management system:

  1. User Guides
    Staff & MPPs
    1. Enter Absences
    2. View Employee Balance Inquiry
    1. Approve Absences
    1. Enter and/or Review Absences for Employee
    1. Enter Absences
    2. View Employee Balance Inquiry
  2. CSU Delivered Video Training
    The Absence Management training videos were provided to campuses by the CSU's Common Management Systems Group (CMS).  Although these videos are not campus specific, they are a great source of information on Absence Self-Service and provide a step-by-step walk through each of the areas listed below. We suggest that all employees start with the short Absence Management Self-Service Overview video.

    Each video will allow viewers to pause and play back sections that they may want to review again.
  3. In-person Training
  4. HREO will be offering in-person training on Absence Management to supplement the User Guides and videos. Participants will be asked to review the videos appropriate to their role(s) on campus prior to attending the training sessions. Please view the Training Schedule for available training dates.

Check out available Absence Management Training!

Training Schedule