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Getting a Project Started

Do you have a need to change your office?  Do you want to install a new piece of scientific equipment you received a grant for?  Not certain what is required?

Please submit your information in the form below and a representative from Planning, Design and Construction will contact you and review how we can assist you and what further items are needed before getting your project started.  Our goal is to assist you in safely and legally meeting your needs while providing "University First" service.

NOTE: Please submit your requests at least 3-4 months prior to your preferred completion date. 

All projects are required to be estimated, approved and funded prior to any work taking place by PDC.  Due to the time required for approvals, subsequent design, building code approvals and scheduling of work by Facility Services (or an outside contractor), a minimum of 2 months prior approval is required to start work during the summer break.  In addition, Facility Services can only complete a certain number of projects during the summer, depending upon the nature of the projects.

PDC wants to assure your requests are met, but we need adequate time to schedule the work with Facilities Services.  Unfortunately if we receive late requests, all available resources may be previously committed.  Thank you in advance for your understanding.