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Applied Physics Major Degree Options

Specialize in Applied Physics or Applied Electronics

Applied Physics Option

Gold conducts electricity over a billion times more easily than glass...why? Physicists try to answer this sort of question by measuring and modeling phenomena in the physical world around us.

Applied physics makes a connection between fundamental research in physics and its application to real-world problem-solving. Research in applied physics has led to the use of electricity and magnetism for lighting and propulsion, given birth to the semiconductor industry (leading to modern electronics), and played an important part in the development of biomedical technology.

While engineers have perfected many of these inventions, physicists and applied physicists have been responsible for their discovery.

This option is intended for those students interested in pursuing graduate study, a career in teaching physics, or a career in industry involving the application of the principles of physics. 

Applied Electronics Option

Do you want to pursue a career that involves designing and building electronic devices such as sensors and robots?  The Applied Physics Major with Applied Electronics Option curriculum is geared towards developing a strong fundamental background in physics and providing hands-on experiences in electronic design and application. 

Students who pursue this option will receive training that will make them competitive for electronics engineering types of careers and graduate programs.

Plan your Applied Physics Major: