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Access Authorization
To gain after-hours access to any campus building, please call the department’s dispatch center at x4567 or (760) 750-4567. In order to access a room after hours you must be listed on an Access Authorization Form that is signed and submitted by an authorized faculty or staff member. Access Authorization Form
In order to best respond to any complaint, it is necessary that adequate information be provided. It is requested that a complaint form be completed and submitted. This will permit a thorough and complete evaluation of the complaint and permit the department to respond appropriately. The form can be downloaded here. Complaint Form
Request for Police Report
All requests for a copy of a police report must be submitted in writing, using a "Police Report Request Form". This request form may be found at: Police Report Request Form.

Generally responses are mailed, within ten working days of receipt of the request. Please note that all requests for reports will be evaluated for its release and that we do not release reports to suspects, arrestees, or those persons who are not directly involved with the case.
Clery Incident Report Form

One important purpose of the Clery Act is to encourage the accurate collection of campus crime statistics in order to promote and enhance campus crime awareness and campus safety through reliable statistical crime reporting. The purpose of this report form is to provide Campus Security Authorities (CSAs) with a uniform mechanism for documenting the (who, what, when, where) of crimes reported to them, especially, confidential reporting.

Data collected on this form shall not include personal identifying information. The student status of the offender or victim is not a relevant fact when determining if a report should be accepted. All reports involving any of the listed crimes shall be documented and reported to the University Police Department. Clery Incident Report Form

Employees Involved in Traffic Collisions
If an employee is involved in a traffic collision, (on state business) the employee must complete the STD 270 Form within 48 hours of the accident.

The STD 274 must be completed by the employee's supervisor within five (5) days from the date of an accident and a copy forwarded to ORIM (Office of Risk and Insurance Management). The form is required for ALL motor vehicle accidents.