Lost and Found Property   
All found property must be turned into the University Police Department as soon as possible. The Police Department is located at 425 La Moree Rd., in the Police Services Building. You can contact us at 760-750-7530 or stop by the station between 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.  After hours we can be reached at 760-750-4567.

Items can also be turned in at the Kellogg Library 2nd floor Help Desk and the Kellogg Library 3rd floor Circulation Desk. However items can not be picked up at these locations. Items turned in at the Kellogg Library will be picked up by, and available from, the University Police Department 

Only the Lost & Found Department at the University Police Department can release items.  Lost items are kept at the University Police Department for 6 months.  After 180 days, lost items are put into the university surplus auction or they are destroyed.

Defensive Driving
The University Risk Management and Safety Department offers the Defensive Driving course. To schedule a class contact the Risk Management at (760) 750-4502 or visit their website;

During the hours between dusk and dawn personal safety escorts will be provided as an additional measure of safety. Escorts will be provided to and from campus buildings, campus parking lots, immediate bus stops and areas immediately adjacent to campus property.
Escort service is provided form dusk to dawn. Call 760-750-4567 to arrange for an escort. A Community Service Officer (CSO) will escort you either by auto, bicycle or on foot, from a campus building to your vehicle, parking lot, or residence hall.

Photo ID
Identification cards are produced at the Kellogg Library. Visit the website for more information:

Keys are issued by Facility Services. You may reach them via phone at: (760) 750-4600 or visit their website here.  
If your key or access card has been lost or stolen contact CSUSM Police Dispatch immediately at (760) 750-4567.

Critical Response Unit
The mission statement for each Critical Response Unit (CRU) is to prevent and mitigate the effects of civil disorder and natural disasters and executive protection. The CRU was organized to assist fellow campuses with additional personnel who are specifically trained as a unit to respond.  Our department point of contact for CRU is Sergeant Jesus Flores.  He can be contacted by calling (760)750-4567 or by email.

The University Police offer interested individuals the opportunity to accompany a police officer in the field to observe the patrol activities of the campus and immediate surrounding areas and is called a "ride-along".  This program is offered to better familiarize the university and local communities to the law enforcement function, and to allow those considering a career in law enforcement to better inform themselves on their personal career options. If you are interested in participating in the University Police Ride Along Program, please contact Sergeant Herman Hernandez at (760)750-4567 or send an email to to schedule your visit.