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Declaration of Major and Specialization

Definition:The purpose of this policy is to establish the guidelines for declaring major degree programs thereby facilitating timely progress to degree completion.
Authority:The president of the university.
Scope:This policy applies to undergraduate students and undergraduate curriculum.
Responsible Division:Academic Affairs
Approval Date:01/27/2011
Originally Implemented:01/27/2011
Signature Page/PDF:View Signatures for Declaration of Major and Specialization Policy



A. Every student must declare a primary major.1

B. Students are strongly encouraged to declare a major before they reach 60 units.  After a student has completed 60 units, s/he will receive a reminder from the registrar’s office to declare a major.

C. If students have not declared a major and/or chosen the major’s area of emphasis by the time they have completed 80 units, a hold shall be placed on their registration and it will be removed after they meet with an academic advisor or submit a declaration of major/emphasis form.

D. Some degree programs may have additional requirements for declaring a major, such as pre-requisites and/or a petition process.

E. Certain classifications of students, such as student athletes, may be required to declare a major earlier than this policy stipulates. It is the student's responsibility to fulfill these requirements. 


Students wishing to declare majors in any subject area that has admission limits, may do so only with approval from the department, school or program.

1 Students should check the website for the Office of Registration and Records for a current listing of degree programs that require signature approval for delcaring the major. (As of AY 2010-11 the following degree programs require signature approval: Liberal Studies, Pre-Business, Nursing, and Pre-Health majors).