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Academic Renewal

Definition:A student may request that one or two semesters of academic work be disregarded for purposes of grade point average and progress toward degree completion once during their academic career.
Authority:Executive Order 1037
Scope:Applies to any student enrolled at CSUSM.
Responsible Division:Academic Affairs
Approval Date:07/15/2009
Originally Implemented:06/19/1992
Signature Page/PDF:View Signatures for Academic Renewal Policy


A student whose graduation will be delayed by a grade point average deficiency may petition to have up to two semesters or three quarters of undergraduate coursework taken at any institution disregarded from all considerations associated with requirements for the baccalaureate degree. All coursework attempted during the term(s) approved for academic renewal will be disregarded in computing the student's cumulative GPA. In addition, any coursework successfully completed during term(s) approved for academic renewal will no longer count toward fulfillment of any degree requirements. Students may not selectively eliminate coursework. When such action is taken, the student's permanent academic record is annotated so that it is readily evident to the users of the record that no work taken during the disregarded term(s), even if satisfactory, has been applied towards the meeting of degree requirements. The record will show the adjusted grade point average, but all coursework will remain legible on the transcripts.

If another institution has acted to remove coursework from consideration, such action shall be honored in terms of that institution's policy. But, elimination of any coursework's consideration shall reduce by one term the two semester maximum on the application of academic renewal to an individual CSU student's record.
Academic renewal is intended only to facilitate graduation from Cal State San Marcos. It does not apply to individuals who already possess a baccalaureate degree or who are able to meet graduation requirements in a timely manner without the approval of a petition for academic renewal.

Petitions for academic renewal are obtained from and submitted to the Office of Registration & Records. Final decisions on petitions shall be based on careful review of evidence by a committee appointed by the president, which shall include the designee of the Provost and consist of at least three faculty members.