American Express Corporate Card for Professionals

Definition:California State University San Marcos participates in the CSU American Express (AMEX) Corporate card program in order to comply with State travel guidelines and provide employees a convenient and flexible method to incur business related travel expenses. The State's AMEX Card identifies State employees and facilitates the receipt of the special governmental rates. Individual employees are encouraged to accumulate all travel expenses on their individual Corporate Card and are responsible for payment to American Express directly for monthly balances owed. The university will reimburse employees for all authorized travel expenses. The CSU AMEX Corporate Card is a free service available with no annual fee to all CSUSM employees. The availability of the AMEX Corporate Card precludes the issuing of advances and the direct billing of travel costs.
Authority:HR 96-11- CSU Policy and Procedure Governing Travel and Relocation Expense Reimbursement; Management Memo 96-04 - American Express Travel Payment System
Scope:This policy applies to all permanent faculty and staff of California State University San Marcos. All employees expecting to travel are encouraged to apply for the CSU AMEX Corporate Card. Exceptions to this policy are limited to those permanent employees not approved to be a cardholder by American Express.
Responsible Division:Finance & Administrative Services
Approval Date:03/13/2000
Implementation Date:03/13/2000
Originally Implemented:08/01/1999
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Individual permanent employees expecting to travel for professional reasons are encouraged to apply for the CSU American Express (AMEX) Corporate Card well in advance of their first business trip. Applications are available and are processed through the Fiscal Operations Customer Support Representative.


Issuance of the CSU Corporate Card is subject to approval by AMEX. The Fiscal Operations Customer Service Representative will notify the applicant when the Corporate Card is received and when the card is available for pickup at the Cashier's Office. Prior to the release of the card, the applicant is required to sign the AMEX cover letter as acknowledgement of receipt. Applicants denied cardholder status are notified by the Fiscal Operations Customer Service Representative. Applicants are to discuss any eligibility questions directly with AMEX. The Fiscal Operations Customer Service Representative coordinates the issuance of renewed cards.


Per Management Memo 96-04 issued by the Department of General Services, the State AMEX Corporate Card is for professional use while on approved business travel. Individual employees are responsible for prompt payment of monthly balances. AMEX bills are "due and payable upon receipt" and will be mailed to the address checked on the card application. Cardholders are responsible for understanding the payment terms of their AMEX agreement in order to avoid losing charging privileges. In the case of lost or stolen cards, the employee must notify AMEX immediately. Additionally, the cardholder is responsible for notifying AMEX of billing errors, or any change to the cardholder's mailing address. Upon separation of employment with CSUSM, the employee is required to surrender the card to an appropriate AMEX university representative.