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Bicycle, Skateboarding, and Skating

Definition:It is the policy of California State University San Marcos to provide a safe environment for all students, employees, visitors, and guests by regulating the operation of bicycles and the use of skateboards, roller blades, in-line skates, and other similar devices on university property.
Authority:Vehicle Code Section 21113(a) and Title 5 of the California Administrative Code, Section 42200
Scope:This policy and any related procedures apply to all areas and members of the campus community, and individuals using the campus grounds or buildings.
Responsible Division:Finance & Administrative Services
Approval Date:12/02/2008
Implementation Date:12/02/2008
Originally Implemented:07/01/1989
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The university will follow the California Vehicle Code, San Diego County Codes, and local municipal codes that regulate this activity.

  1. Bicycle riding is prohibited on the inner core of the campus during the hours of 7:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m., Monday through Friday, except weekends and holidays. The inner core consists of the main pedestrian malls beginning at Foundation Classroom Building, between Science Hall and Academic Hall, Founders' Plaza, Palm Court, Forum Plaza, and ending between Science Hall II and Arts and Humanities Hall.
  2. Every person riding or operating a bicycle upon the university campus shall observe the following rules:
    • Operation of a bicycle on the campus must be in compliance with the California Vehicle Codes for "Rules of the Road".
    • No person shall ride or park a bicycle in any university building, except for parking in those areas specifically designated for the storage of bicycles.
    • No person shall perform or attempt to perform any trick riding that may be dangerous or hazardous to the rider or any other person.
    • In areas where riding is permitted, no person shall ride a bicycle at such speed or in any manner so as to endanger or interfere with pedestrians. Pedestrians shall have the right of way at all times.
  3. Bicycles found parked in violation of this policy may be impounded and retained at the University Police Department.
    • No individual shall park, store or leave a bicycle so as to interfere with a railing installed for the purpose of assisting the movement of handicapped persons, obstruct access to an automatic door button or impede the normal movement of wheelchairs
  4. Any university police officer or designated employee authorized by the Director of University Police may move, relocate or impound any bicycle which is:
    • Blocking or otherwise impeding normal entrance to or exit from any university building.
    • Blocking or otherwise impeding either vehicular or pedestrian traffic on any street, highway, parking lot, parking space, parking lot access, walkway, footpath, building exit, stairwell, or sidewalk.
    • Parked or stored in such a condition as to be considered abandoned.
  5. Bicycles may be sold at auction if not claimed within 180 calendar days.
  6. Operating skateboards, roller blades, in-line skates and other similar devices on university property is not permitted.
  7. This policy does not apply to University Police and Parking Services personnel engaged in the performance of their duties.