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Computer Equipment Access - Student

Definition:Policy governing use of campus computer equipment by students.
Authority:CSU Executive Order Number 628
Scope:Instructional & Information Technologies
Responsible Division:Academic Affairs
Approval Date:06/28/1999
Originally Implemented:07/01/1999
Signature Page/PDF:View Signatures for Computer Equipment Access - Student Policy



Student access to CSUSM computing facilities and equipment is subject to approval by the Director of Academic Computing Services.

"Access" shall be considered physical use of a computer workstation or terminal, or remote access to a computer via a network or telephone line. "Computing facilities" are considered to be any CSUSM facility where a computer exists. "Computing equipment" is considered to be all computer hardware and software, network computer hardware, media and software.

Access to campus computer equipment may be suspended during the course of an investigation, but shall not be revoked without formal review with campus administration.

Violation of this policy may result in loss of access to CSUSM computing facilities and equipment. Such loss may result in failure to complete classes required for graduation. Enforcement of student disciplinary action is in accordance with CSU Executive Order Number 628.

Individuals who violate U.S. copyright law and software licensing agreements may be subject to criminal or civil action by the copyright or license owners.

Activities that are illegal or against University policy will be referred to the appropriate officials regardless of whether or not a computer was involved in their commission.


Use of CSUSM computing facilities is granted to students for the following purposes:

Use of campus computer equipment, including electronic mail, modem lines, web browsers and other common applications and functions should be limited to legitimate campus business purposes and should not be regarded as tools for personal or private communication. Use of computing facilities for purpose above may be restricted or rescinded at the discretion of the Director of Academic Computing Services for violation of this policy.


Individuals granted access to campus computing equipment shall adhere to the following rules and responsibilities:


The campus will attempt to protect the privacy of an individual´s mail and data files from inadvertent exposure to others. Except when such files are involved in a security issue, policy violation or system maintenance problem, system support personnel will not access nor disclose the content of an individual's email and/or data files. In appropriate circumstances (e.g. where there is evidence suggesting a member of the campus has engaged in wrongdoing), electronic communications may become subject to internal monitoring.