Conflict of Interest

Definition:Employees with the authority to sign contracts on behalf of the university and Principal Investigators named on contracts, grants or gifts are required to disclose whether or not they have a direct or indirect financial interest in the awarding of contracts or receipt of grants and/or gifts.
Authority:Political Reform Act of 1974, Fair Political Practices Commission (Title 2, Division 6 of the California Code of Regulations), CSU Conflict of Interest Code (Title 5, Sec. 43810, Article 210, Subchapter 7, Chapter 1, Part V)
Scope:This policy and any related procedures apply to Principal Investigators and certain employees who are responsible to make and participate in.
Responsible Division:Finance & Administrative Services
Approval Date:06/15/2000
Implementation Date:07/01/1989
Originally Implemented:07/01/1989
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