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Credit By Challenge Examination

Definition:A policy concerning the use of challenge examinations to earn academic credit.
Authority:Title V, CSU, and the President of the University.
Scope:All CSUSM students.
Responsible Division:Academic Affairs
Approval Date:06/06/2008
Originally Implemented:11/14/2005
Signature Page/PDF:View Signatures for Credit By Challenge Examination Policy


  1. Students may only challenge courses as described in the Credit by Challenge Examination policy.
  2. Students must register for a Credit-by-Challenge Examination by printing a form available on the Registration and Records website and taking this to the department offering the course (or to CoBA advisors for Business Administration courses) by the end of the fifth day of classes in the semester. Students challenging courses in the spring semester must specify on the form whether they want to have the credit recorded during the summer session or the fall semester.
  3. The department chair or equivalent will assign responsibility for conducting the examination to a faculty member. The assigned time code for conducting examinations is 17, and may be used to report this faculty activity.
  4. Examinations will be scheduled sufficiently early in the semester so that students and Registration and Records will receive the results prior to the beginning of the priority registration period for the next term.
  5. The Registration & Records and Curriculum & Scheduling offices will create a course section in the next term that bears a notation indicating that the course was successfully challenged and register the students who have successfully challenged the course in this section. Students are automatically enrolled in that next term, and pay all relevant fees in accordance with established fee payment schedules for that term, and earn a grade of CR Enrollment in this course section is included in determining the State University Fee.
  6. To add a new course to the list of challengeable courses, department/program coordinator will notify the Office of Academic Programs, and the Office of Academic Programs will post it on the credit by challenge webpage , and notify Registration and Records which will update the credit by challenge form.