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Endowed Positions Policy

Definition: The purposes of endowed faculty positions are to recognize the contributions and promote the interests of benefactors while enabling the recruitment and retention of outstanding and distinguished individuals who have demonstrated sustained excellence in teaching, research or creative activity in their respective disciplines or who have provided exemplary service to the university, to their profession or to the public through professional activity. Income from the endowment is intended to be outside the scope of the University's budget-to supplement the budget rather than replace previous funding. See the notes section for more details.
Authority: The President (Executive Order #676)
Scope: Endowed positions adhere to all of the policies and procedures of both Cal State San Marcos and the CSUSM Foundation.
Responsible Division: University Advancement
Approval Date: 03/15/2004
Originally Implemented: 03/15/2004
Signature Page/PDF: View Signatures for Endowed Positions Policy Policy


This policy covers the following types of endowed positions:
  1. Endowed Chair/Endowed Distinguished Professor
    This is the highest honor CSUSM can bestow upon a faculty member. It is to be used to attract, retain or reward individuals who are recognized nationally or internationally as intellectual leaders in their academic disciplines for extraordinary contributions in teaching, scholarly publication, research, creative endeavors in the performing arts or in similar activities, and who have acquired distinction at CSUSM or another university prior to appointment.
    Minimum amount - $1 million
  2. Endowed Visiting Professor
    This ongoing position is reserved for rotating scholars who become part of the CSUSM community for specified periods, but who do not hold permanent positions on the faculty.
    Minimum amount - $750,000
  3. Endowed Professorship
    This endowment recognizes active faculty, either from CSUSM or another university, who have consistently demonstrated outstanding performance in one or more of the three areas of teaching, research or professional service. Appointment to an endowed professorship signifies a special honor conferred only upon faculty of unusual merit.
    Minimum amount - $250,000
  4. Endowed Artists/Executives/Teachers/Practitioners-in-Residence
    The purpose of the endowed position is to help students benefit from increased contact with external experts with hands-on experience. Normally, an artist/executive/teacher/practitioner-in-residence will receive a visiting appointment for a one-year period that is renewable. Most will be working professionals with a desire to share their special skills, expertise and experiences with faculty and students who desire knowledge of how their disciplines are practiced in the outside world.
    Minimum amount - $250,000
  5. Endowed Fellowship
    This position is awarded to a promising faculty member on a one-year basis.
    Minimum amount - $100,000



Endowed positions adhere to all of the policies and procedures of both Cal State San Marcos and the CSUSM Foundation. Nominations for endowed positions originate with the appropriate Dean, are confirmed by the Provost, and are approved by the President. The Dean may form a committee of internal and external individuals to solicit and/or review nominees.

  1. Annual seminar-Conduct an annual seminar or presentation open to university and non-university personnel on a topic of choice in the respective discipline.
  2. Annual report-Provide a written annual report on professional activities, innovative projects, and academic leadership to the appropriate Dean, the Provost, and the donor(s).
  3. Donor stewardship-Participate as requested in up to ten stewardship activities annually as arranged by External Affairs with the donor(s).
  4. Continued performance-Continue to demonstrate excellence in one or more of the three areas of teaching, research, and service.
  5. Other special requirements-Adhere to the guidelines detailed in the donor agreement document (see below).

If the holder of an endowed position is not performing as expected, a recommendation to revoke continuation of the title and its privileges will be initiated by the appropriate Dean and approved by the Provost.


Before an endowed position is established, a donor agreement document must be signed by the President, the Provost, the appropriate Dean, the Executive Director of the Foundation, and the donor(s). The document will detail the agreement in several categories, including:

  1. Purpose of the Endowed Position-The purpose of the endowed chair will be specified in writing as a part of the donor agreement. The donor is encouraged to document contingency spending alternatives if the stated purpose is no longer viable at the University.
  2. Funding of the Endowed Position-The agreement will specify the funding arrangements (e.g., a one-time lump sum donation or a multi-year pledge).
  3. Naming of the Endowed Position-The formal name of the position will be documented as part of the donor agreement. The donor's name could be included, or a consortium of donors could name the position in honor of someone. Some examples are: The John Smith Professor of Accounting, The Smith Family Endowed Chair of Accounting.
  4. Use of the Name-The donor may specify when the position name is to be used. For example, the donor may request that the faculty member always use the position name in professional settings and publications (e.g., John Doe, Ph.D., The Smith Professor of Accounting). The donor may also specify when and if "emeritus" may be added to the title.
  5. Uses of Funds-The donor may request that funds be designated for specific purposes, such as: research support, travel, support staff, student assistants, and salary stipends. Donations supplement and do not replace state funds.
  6. Duration of Appointment-The donor may specify the length of time one faculty member may be appointed to the position. The donor may want the position to rotate among departments for specified terms to be filled by several visiting professors over the course of an academic year.
  7. University Commitments-Any commitments on the part of the University will be detailed in the donor agreement.