Minor Capital Outlay

Definition:Minor Capital Outlay policy establishes the responsibilities for departments seeking funds to renovate spaces they occupy on campus.
Authority:The University President. Any changes to this policy and related procedures are to be approved by the President and/or the Vice President responsible for facilities development.
Scope:This policy applies to all University personnel.
Responsible Division:Finance & Administrative Services
Approval Date:05/19/2011
Implementation Date:05/19/2011
Originally Implemented:05/19/2011
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The Trustees own all California State University San Marcos facilities, regardless of the original source of construction or acquisition of funds, and have delegated authority to manage the facilities on a daily basis to the President of the University.


Minor Capital Outlay projects are limited to those construction projects that correct deficiencies, provide new or improved facilities, add access or provide equipment for a minor capital outlay project whose estimated cost is $600,000 or less. The Minor Capital Outlay projects list is determined by the Executive Council and specifically managed through the Planning, Design & Construction department. The State of California appropriates funds to the campus annually, if bond funds are available, for minor capital projects within the following limitations:

A) By Trustees' policy, health and safety items requiring correction as dictated by the Division of Industrial Safety, State Fire Marshal, State Public Health, or other authoritative agency, must be given first priority.

B) No projects relating to parking lots, student residences, campus unions, health centers, student recreation or other non-state funded projects may be undertaken with state funds.

C) No equipment may be purchased from minor construction funds except to equip minor capital outlay projects.

D) Projects involving alterations or additions to buildings shall be approved by the State Fire Marshal and the Access Compliance Unit in the Division of the State Architect before proceeding into construction.

E) No funds from this allocation may be used for routine maintenance, deferred maintenance, or special repair items.


Planning, Design & Construction staff is responsible for submitting the Minor Capital Outlay Projects list to the Chancellor's Office annually in the spring. The process is as follows:

  1. PDC requests projects from the President, Provost and each Vice President on October 1st of each year. The format for these project requests can be found on the PDC website.
  2. The project requests are returned to PDC no later than November 30th of the same year. Consideration will only be given to projects with written approval from the President or another member of the Executive Council. PDC will develop a preliminary cost estimate and verify the project type for all projects submitted by deadline.
  3. The President and the Executive Council will review a proposed priority list for submission to the Chancellor's Office in February or March of the following year.
  4. Upon approval by the President, the proposed priority list and all associated documents will be submitted to the Chancellor's Office.
  5. PDC will respond to any comments from the Chancellor's Office and notify the President, Executive Council and any affected parties of any significant changes to the campus request.
  6. The President and all affected parties will be updated periodically as State funding process proceeds. Official notification will be given by PDC when appropriations are approved and allocation orders completed.


Campus personnel can submit requests for minor capital construction funds via the Web at www.csusm.edu/pdc/ . Prior to submitting requests to Planning, Design and Construction, all requests must be approved by the appropriate AVP, Dean, or Unit Head as well as by the appropriate Vice President/Provost.