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Money Escorts

Definition: It is the policy of California State University San Marcos that unescorted University employees will follow established procedures when transporting cash. The operational responsibility for protecting employees transporting money on campus is a function of the University Police Department.
Authority: Authority of the campus President.
Scope: This policy and related procedures apply to all members of the campus community.
Responsible Division: Finance & Administrative Services
Approval Date: 05/05/2009
Originally Implemented: 07/01/1989
Signature Page/PDF: View Signatures for Money Escorts Policy



It is the responsibility of the University Police Department to assist university employees with money escorts in excess of $500.00 cash.


The following guidelines are to be followed:
A) Police escorts are generally only to be used for escorts of cash in excess of $500.00.
B) The use of bank bags should be avoided.
C) Police escorts for cash of less than $500.00 or valuables such as checks will be evaluated by the Chief of Police on a case by case basis. The decision to approve or deny an escort of this nature will be based on realistic and identifiable risks not generally found in routine money transfers.
D) University Police will dispatch an officer who is only responsible for transportation and protection of the employee responsible for the handling of the money. The officer will not sign for money nor will the officer take personal possession of any money.
E) During a money escort, the officer will not respond to any other calls or take any on-view enforcement action unrelated to the money escort, other than extreme emergencies.


A) If the officer observes or is called to a life-threatening situation, which demands immediate attention, the officer would be expected to take appropriate action. While taking this appropriate action, the safety of the staff employee and the money will be kept in mind.
B) All bank deposits for campus organizations, including auxiliaries, will be made through the campus Cashier's Office, or arrangements will be made by the organization for armored transport.