Advising & Administration

Chair - Professor Masroori
Administrative Coordinator - Ms. Krista Guiterrez
Advising Tips for Students

Fall 2015 PSCI Department Advisors

Undergraduate Advising Services
To make an appointment with Chrystal Hady, visit the CSUSM Advising Scheduler.

A-Be Professor Bolton SBSB 4105A


MW 12:50-1:50

pm and by appt.
Bi-C Professor Greenwood SBSB 4114

TTR 9-10:15 am and by appt.
D-E Professor Li SBSB 4101 (760)750-8539 W 3-5 pm
F-H Professor Masroori - Dept Chair SBSB 4109 (760)750-8080 M 10-11 am, TR 1-2 and by appt.

Professor Matthews

Social Sciences (PSCI primary field)

Liberal Studies (PSCI special field)

SBSB 4122 (760)750-8578

T 10:45-11:45,

W 11:30-1 and by appt.
M Professor Metoyer SBSB 4130 (760)750-4182 T 9:30-10:30 and by appt.
N-Re Professor Nichols SBSB 4103 (760)750-8086

M 12-1,

W 2:30-3:30,

TR 10:30-11:30 and by appt.
Ri-So Professor Nienass SBSB 4112 (760)750-8039 W 1:30-3:30
St-Z Professor Stricker SBSB 4134 (760)750-8020 MW 12-1, 2:30-3 and by appt

*Prof. Staci Beavers, Associate Dean, on leave in the CHABBS Dean's Office.

Staff Advisor for Political Science
Chrystal Hady CRA 1300D (760)750-4037

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Those related to U.S. Government/Politics and those related to International Politics and Community Development contact Professor Metoyer.

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