Student News

I am writing to let you know of an opportunity for your students that I hope you
will bring to their attention. Pending final funding approval from the National
Science Foundation, this summer (2009), the Department of Political Science at
Oklahoma State University will host the fifth annual Democracy and World
Politics Summer Research Program for undergraduates. This program presents a
valuable opportunity for undergraduate students to conduct faculty ?mentored
research projects.

Supported by summer stipends, research funds, travel funds, and intensive
mentoring, students will formulate and carry out a research project work in one
of three self-selected issue areas: a) Foreign Policy in a Democracy; b)
Democratization and Democracy Promotion; c) Democracy and Conflict.

The program provides undergraduate students with valuable educational
experiences through its support of research participation. Oklahoma State
University?s summer program has been supported by major funding from the
National Science Foundation's Research Experience for Undergraduates program,
along with additional funding from the Department of Political Science and the
College of Arts and Sciences at Oklahoma State University.

Successful applicants will spend about 9 weeks at Oklahoma State (June ? July)
during the summer of 2009, where they will work with a team of faculty members
and visiting scholars to develop research questions and design and complete
projects within the issue-areas just noted. Supporting activities will include
research methods seminars, intensive project development workshops, guest
presentations by visiting scholars, and community-forming events. Student
participation will culminate in a presentation of papers at the International
Studies Association annual conference (if accepted). Additionally, each year
visiting scholars with substantive specialization in the program?s issue
areas will participate, lending their insights and expertise to the program and
to student projects. Last year, Dr. Paul Diehl (University of Illinois), Dr.
Sara Mitchell (University of Iowa), Dr. Kelly Kadera (University of Iowa), Dr.
Patrick James (University of Southern California), Dr. Jeff Pickering (Kansas
State University), and Dr. Ralph Carter (Texas Christian University)
participated. I hope to enlist these and possibly others this year.

The students who participate in the program receive the following support:
? A stipend of $4,000.
? Room and board at Oklahoma State University for the duration of
the program.
? Up to $500 in travel costs to and from Oklahoma State University
for non-OSU students.
? Up to $200 in research support funds (by application) for project
? Up to $900 in funding for registration, travel, and lodging for
participation in a conference in the subsequent spring.

I am writing to ask your help in recruiting good candidates for this program.
Please share this information with students you believe would be good
candidates for this valuable experience and encourage them to apply. All
application material is located on the Oklahoma State University Department of
Political Science website at The application deadline
is March 1, 2009.

Please note that NSF rules require participants to be US citizens or permanent

You or your students may contact me for additional information about the program
or applications.

Thanks. I hope to see some applications from your students!

Dr. James M. Scott
Director, Democracy and World Politics Summer Research Program
Department of Political Science
Oklahoma State University
Stillwater, OK 74078
Office: 405-744-5569
Fax: 405-744-6534