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The following prerequisite course names and numbers are offered at CSUSM. Requirements vary among individual schools. A common standard is completion of 24 semester units in physical and life sciences, at least 1/2 of these courses with labs are preferred. Please check each school you intend to apply.

BIOL 215 "Biostatistics"; or
MATH 242 "Intro to Statistics"

GENERAL CHEMISTRY: (2 semesters with Lab)
CHEM 150/150L "Gen Chemistry I + Lab"; and
CHEM 160/175 "Gen Chemistry II + Lab"; or  CHEM 160/275 "Gen Chemistry II + Quantitative Investigations"
**CHEM 275 only if required by major

ORGANIC CHEMISTRY: (1 or 2 semesters with Lab)
CHEM 201/201L "Organic Chemistry I + Lab"
CHEM 202/202L "Organic Chemistry II + Lab"

BIOCHEMISTRY (1 or 2 semesters; lab optional)
CHEM 341 "General Biochemistry" (if only 1 semester required); or
CHEM 351/352 "Biochemistry I/II" (if 2 semesters required)
CHEM 351L "Biochemistry Lab" (if lab required)

BIOLOGICAL SCIENCES: (2 semesters with Lab)
BIOL 210 "Intro to Cellular & Molecular Biology + Lab"; and 
BIOL 211 "Intro to Organismal & Population Biology + Lab"

HUMAN ANATOMY/PHYSIOLOGY: (1 semester with Lab)
BIOL 175/176 "Intro to Human Anatomy & Physiology I/II + Lab"; or
BIOL 177/178 "Intro to Human Anatomy & Physiology I/II  + Lab for Kinesiology"
**Equivalents can also be completed at a community college

BIOL 160 "Microbiology + Lab" (lower-division)
BIOL 321 "Human Physiology" (upper-division)
BIOL 323 "Physiology of Nutrition and Disease" (upper-division)
BIOL 351 “Molecular Cell Biology + Lab” (upper-division)
BIOL 352 “Genetics + Lab” (upper-division)
BIOL 353 “Comparative Animal Physiology + Lab” (upper-division)
BIOL 367 “Biology of Microorganisms + Lab” (upper-division)
BIOL 374 "Exercise Physiology and Bioenergetics" (upper-division)

PHYSICS: (2 semesters with Lab)
PHYS 101/102 "Intro to Physics I/II + Lab"; or
PHYS 201/202 "Physics of Mechanics & Sound/Electromagnetism & Optics + Lab" (calculus-based); or
PHYS 205/206 "Physics for the Biological Sciences + Lab" (calculus-based)

Additional Recommened Courses To Consider:

PSYC 100 (Required)

GEW 101 "Principles of Written Communication"; and LTWR 115 "Critical Reading & Writing"; or
GEW 101 "Principles of Written Communication"; and LTWR 100 "Intro to Literature"; or
LTWR 100 "Intro to Literature"; and LTWR 115 "Critical Reading & Writing"

PHIL 345 "Bioethics & Medical Ethics" (CC)