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Ernest and Leslie Zomalt Outstanding Service Award


The Ernest and Leslie Zomalt Outstanding Service Award is awarded annually to a staff member or administrator (MPP) selected for his or her contribution toward the achievement of the university’s mission and demonstrated service to the campus community.  The recipient of this award may be selected on the basis of a career of achievement or for extraordinary service for a single event.
The award alternates each year between staff and MPPs.

This Year's Recipient is

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Gezai Berhane
Dean of Students Office


Dr. Ernest Zomalt began his service at California State University San Marcos as the Dean of Students in 1990, was promoted to Vice President for Student Affairs in 1991, and agreed to serve as Executive Vice President in 1993 until he retired in 2000. Dr. Leslie Zomalt created the advising services area for the College of Arts and Sciences and served in a leadership capacity for advising services from 1990 until her retirement in 1999. Upon their retirement, the Zomalts established an endowment to recognize contributions made by the outstanding staff and administrators to the success of Cal State San Marcos.


2015/2016- Robert McManus
CSUSM Chief of Police

2014/2015- Elijah Pauser
Facility Services, Staff

2013/2014- Wayne Veres
Library/IITS, MPP

2012/2013- Sally-Jo Divis
Chemistry & Biochemistry, Staff

2011/2012- David Barsky
Academic Programs, MPP

2010/2011- Margie Kidd
School of Nursing, Staff

2009/2010- Patricia Worden
Student Affairs, MPP

2008/2009- Lourdes Shahamiri
Academic Programs, Staff

2007/2008- Marion Reid
Library, MPP

2006/2007- Maureen DuPont
Math Lab, Staff

2005/2006- Linda Leiter
Human Resources & Campus Enterprises, MPP