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December 13, 2011- Budget Message

December 13, 2011
Budget Message

Earlier today, as we had anticipated, the Governor officially announced that due to a shortfall in state revenues the budget to the CSU would be cut by $100 million for the 2011-12 fiscal year. For our campus this represents a $2.5 million reduction.

As I shared with you in October when it seemed likely that this cut would occur, we have identified solutions for addressing the mid-year general fund reduction that do not negatively impact divisional operations or instruction in the current year.  We will address the mid-year reduction with an all-funds budgeting approach, using carry-forward funds from the previous fiscal year and excess fee revenues from exceeding our enrollment target and leveraging self-support revenues or other campus-based fees.
In November, the Board of Trustees adopted a budget for fiscal year 2012-13 that asks the state to restore $333 million to the CSU. The proposed budget includes five percent enrollment growth as well as a three percent increase in compensation. The Board also approved a tuition increase for fall 2012 of $498 per year for undergraduates. While an important next step in the budgeting process will be the submission of the 2012-13 state budget by the Governor in early January, we anticipate that there will be continued uncertainty about the 2012-13 budget for some time.
As I told you in October, Cal State San Marcos will maintain our commitment to serving students, protecting jobs and building for the future by identifying innovative and entrepreneurial solutions, expanding partnerships and continuing prudent fiscal management.  

As an institution, we can take pride in our ability to weather these trying budgetary times. It is through your diligence, commitment and prudent planning that we are able to minimize the impact of this latest budget cut. I appreciate all you do on a daily basis to fulfill our mission to this region and build for our future.  We will face additional challenges in 2012, but I am confident in our ability to persevere.