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Roundtable on Diversity and Campus Climate

December 14, 2010

Summary of President Haynes' Roundtable on Diversity and Campus Climate

On December 3, 2010, President Haynes convened a roundtable on Diversity and Campus Climate. Invitees included representatives of committees, task forces or University offices involved in diversity-related work and campus climate initiatives. President Haynes and participants discussed the University's initiatives and identified opportunities for collaboration, or additional necessary actions, in order to achieve the University's goals for diversity and campus climate. 

Participants discussed the goals around diversity and equity, and the multiple facets of diversity. Topics identified and discussed included training on diversity and inclusiveness for faculty and staff, campus climate assessment, planning for initiatives addressing diversity, awareness and visual representation, and community relations. Participants also provided input on the role of the Associate Vice President for Diversity and Educational Equity. A search will be conducted in spring 2011.

The high level actions from the roundtable discussion were:

  • Make the committee/task force briefings available to the campus community. (Briefings are available at:
  • Post this summary of the conversation.
  • Consider others who need to be in future conversations and planning.
  • Complete the Position Description for the Associate Vice President for Diversity and Equity and appoint representative search committee. (President to appoint in early spring)
  • Prepare for upcoming faculty and administrative search committees.
    • Training for search committees on developing diverse candidate pools. (Academic Affairs to do in early spring)
  • Discuss how to address the absence of middle managers (Deans, Associate Deans, AVPs, Directors) in diversity conversations/goals. (President to discuss with her Executive Council)
  • Determine which actions/needs can be further institutionalized and how. (Academic Senate and Academic Affairs)
    • Including items that assess diversity and inclusiveness in course evaluations, RTP process, training, etc.
  • Assign a team to work on RTP. (Provost/Academic Senate)
  • Develop diversity component for New Faculty Institute. (Faculty Center)
  • Have another conversation to keep university moving forward, create connections, etc. in spring. (President to schedule).
  • There were many other ideas, some of which will be held for the newly appointed diversity officer to lead, such as:
    • Appointment of a Diversity Council
    • Create a priority list and timeline of action steps
    • Develop/determine a definition/scope of diversity for this work.