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Summer 2009

From the Desk of Dr. Karen Haynes
Summer 2009

July 22, 2009

Budget Forum Scheduled

On Tuesday, July 28, at 3:00 p.m. in ARTS 240, I will host an all-campus forum to discuss the California State University budget situation.  At the forum, the campus community will receive an update on the latest information and developments related to the budget and the July 21 CSU Board of Trustees meeting, as well as have an opportunity to ask questions.

To stay informed, I encourage you to periodically check the University's updated Budget Central website at for the latest news, messages from President Haynes, and related documents and links.

July 22, 2009

Budget Update

At yesterday's Board of Trustees meeting a number of actions were approved to help close the $584 million CSU budget deficit. Elements of the plan include: 

  • Instituting systemwide furloughs - the board approved changes to state regulations that will allow management and non-represented employees to be furloughed two days per month beginning on August 1, 2009. Additionally, California State University Employees Union (CSUEU) has ratified a furlough agreement and the California Faculty Association is holding a vote of its membership on whether to negotiate a furlough option with the results expected after July 22. The United Physicians and Dentists (UPD) has agreed to furloughs, and several other labor unions have either chosen to negotiate furloughs or have chosen layoffs per their contract.

    Chancellor Reed has set a deadline of July 28 for all labor units to make a decision on the furlough option. CSUSM has developed a tentative furlough plan that is currently being reviewed by the Chancellor's Office. Once approved we will share with the campus community.
  • Raising student fees 20% (One-third of the revenue from the fee increase will be set aside for financial aid.) The undergraduate State University Fee will go up from the current $3,354 to $4,026 per year.More than 187,000 CSU students will not be impacted by the fee increase due to increases in the State University Grants, federal grants, CSU fee waivers, and newly expanded federal tax credits.Including the current campus fee of $624, CSUSM undergraduate fees will be $4,650 per year ($2,325 per semester). A communication regarding fees and financial aid will be sent out later today to faculty, staff and students with additional details.
  • Cutting enrollment by 40,000 students over the next two years. The CSU has closed spring 2010 admissions completely.
  • Reducing an additional $183 million from campus budgets through a variety of cost savings options.

For CSUSM, the budget deficit equates to approximately $14 million. Furloughs and the student fee increase will address a major portion of our $14 million budget deficit; however, we are anticipating approximately an additional $3 million that will need to be cut from our 2009-10 campus budget.

On July 28, I will host a budget forum to share with you the latest budget information as well as campus plans. In addition, over the next few days as plans and actions are finalized, I will provide you with updates in additional messages or via our Budget Central website.

While we are facing very difficult decisions and everyone is being asked to make sacrifices, we will continue to employ the following principles:

  • We will continue to serve as many students as we can within our budget and without sacrificing quality.
  • We will work to protect as many jobs as possible. And,
  • We will balance the need to address this budget crisis with the commitment to continue building for our future.

I look forward to seeing you at the Budget Forum (Thursday, July 28 at 3 p.m. in Arts 240) and keeping this dialogue open as more information is received and plans are finalized.  I continue to welcome your questions, comments, and suggestions for how we can reduce expenditures at Budget Central (

July 10, 2009

WASC Update

I am writing to you with good news about our WASC reaccreditation process.

At its meeting on June 17-19, the WASC Commission reaffirmed CSUSM's accreditation for seven years, with our next Institutional Capacity Review in the spring of 2016 and our Educational Effectiveness review for fall 2017.

Further, the WASC Commission letter to me highlighted the following regarding  our recent Education Effectiveness Review:

The self-study process demonstrates significant campus participation and engagement and institutional commitment to the creation of a "learning organization" based on an emerging "culture of evidence" and key functions such as planning, assessment, and program review that the University continues to develop and strengthen.

Many individuals contributed to the WASC reaccreditation process, and the good work of the entire campus assured the positive outcome. 

My thanks to you all for your contributions to making CSUSM an exemplary university.

For more detailed information about WASC's findings and our next steps, please visit the CSUSM accreditation website at: