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This FAQ page is designed to provide a better understanding of our T & E process. For more in depth explanation, you can review our Best Practices.

Travel Questions


Q1. Who needs a Travel Authorization form (green form)?

All CSUSM employees require a Travel Authorization Form (green form) with every Travel Expense Claim (this includes mileage reimbursements). Students who are not employed with CSUSM, interview candidates, and special consultants do not need a green form.

Q2. How long does it take to get paid?

Please allow 7-10 days for the Travel desk to audit your claim.

Q3. What are the requirements for interview candidates who are claiming for reimbursement?

  •  Travel and Expense Claim 262
  •  All receipts are required
  •  Vehicle License (applicable for mileage reimbursement)

Q4. What is the process for claims under $50?

Claims under $50 can be taken to the cashiers’ and submitted as petty cash.

Q5. What are the requirements for Relocation reimbursement?

  •  HR 2008-10 (Moving and Relocation Expense Reimbursement Form)
  •  MR 2000 (Moving/relocation Expense Summary)
  •  Offer letter with allotted moving expense amount
  •  Relocation Claim 262
  •  Itemized receipts

Q6. What is our corporate code for booking with Enterprise Rental Car?

Please email the Travel desk (

Q7. How can I apply for a US Travel Bank Card?

Please send an email to the Travel Desk with manager approval. Once received, we can provide you the access key to apply online.

Q8. What if my trip was cancelled?

Travelers are advised to make every effort to cancel/change any travel reservations. Fees incurred as a result of cancelling/changing a trip will be covered ONLY if the cancellation was due to work or unseen circumstances.

Q9. Are credit card statements accepted as receipts?

Per CSU policy, credit card statements are not considered actual receipts. Please do not use your statement as proof of payment as your claims will not be processed.

Q10. For International Travel, what approvals are required?

Employees travelling to foreign destinations must request approval from the campus President prior to making any travel arrangements and should contact the Safety, Risk and Management group for guidance.

Q11. How do I obtain a DD certification?

Any employee using their personal vehicle for business travel would need to obtain a DD certification before mileage reimbursement can be submitted. To apply, head over to the Safety, Risk and Management site.

Q12. How do we setup direct deposit for Travel Reimbursements?

Send your Direct Deposit Request form and a copy of your voided check to

Q13. Who can request a Travel Authorization number?

Interview Candidates, Temporary Employees and Students (if appropriate).

Q14. Do we have a preferred Visa and Passport service?

Yes. Please use the CIBT Visa and Passport service. They have great rates for CSUSM Travelers.

Q15. Can travelers request meal reimbursement on day trips?

No, overnight stay is required for meal and incidental reimbursement.

Q16. How do I check status of a payment?

Click this link: Go to “Accounts Payable”, then “Viewing Payment Status”, and follow the instructions provided.