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This page contains links to information on Analysis of Variance (ANOVA).  ANOVA is appropriate when you have independent variables or subject variables that put participants into groups and a dependent variable that is continuous.    

Wadsworth/Cengage Learning:  A higher education partner website, includes workshops for statistics and research methods.

Howell'ing at Statistics:  A website with chapter notes corresponding to Statistical Methods for Psychology by David C. Howell. (This books has been used in our Adv. Stats course).

HyperStat:  An online stats textbook by David Lane.  David Lane is an associate professor of psychology and statistics at Rice University.

VassarStats:  A website by Vassar College professors which includes explanations of statistical procedures, as well as calculators and tools.  Also links to a textbook companion site.

  • Go to VassarStats and use the left hand navigation bar to get to ANOVA.
Psychological Statistics:  Descriptive and inferential statistics information by M. Plonsky at the University of Wisconsin, Stevens Point.

Stat Pages:  A website containing 600+ links to other sites that provide free information, calculators, statistical software, etc.

WINKS:  A software website (Texasoft) that offers free statistics tutorials.
WebStat:  A website by the University of New England which includes statistics tutorials (requires Shockwave or Flash).
Statistics to Use:  A website that provides links to statistical calculators.
Rice Virtual Statistics Lab: A website that contains links to on-line books, tutorials and demonstrations.

Youtube Video: How to run a ONEWAY ANOVA (1)

Youtube Video: Post-hoc tests
Youtube Video: How to run a ONEWAY ANOVA (2) Youtube Video: How to run a Two-way ANOVA (1)How to run a Two-way ANOVA (2)