This page contains links to oter websites that offer textbook companions.

Howell'ing at Statistics:  A website with chapter notes corresponding to Statistical Methods for Psychology by David C. Howell. (This books has been used in our Adv. Stats and Graduate statistics courses).

VassarStats:  A website by Vassar College professors which includes explanations of statistical procedures, as well as calculators and tools.  Also links to a textbook companion site.

Concepts and Applications of Inferential Statistics

StatSoft:  An electronic textbook created by a statistical software company. Corresponds to STATISTICS Methods and Applications by Hill and Lewicki. Pearson:  Provides a companion website to the textbook Statistics for Psychology (4th ed.) by Aron and Aron.  This site includes tips, flashcards, links, and etc.  (This book has been used in our Intro Stats courses).

Statistics for Psychology Companion