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Managers' Award to Staff

This award provides FAS Managers the opportunity to publicly recognize staff members for outstanding performance.  Nominations are based on contributions towards achieving goals and outstanding quality of work and attitudes.

Congratulations to our award recipients!

2017 Award Recipients

Receiving Awards

Karla Frazee

Karla takes great care and pride in the work she produces ensuring her work is accurate, completed in a timely manner and complies with legal and policy requirements. She is constantly required to learn new legal and technical requirements to perform her job. Karla was responsible for coordinating the logistics to add VP Hoss to the CSUSM Corporation Board of Directors, as well as change the Board Offices which included convening special meetings of multiple committees. Recently Karla assumed responsibility of providing administrative support for two major projects, the CSUSM Corporation/SMCOR Merger and the EL P3 Project. Karla plans and coordinates meetings, communicates with external consultants/partners, controls the flow of documents, manages schedules and prepares communications to ensure project deadlines are met. These responsibilities are critical to the success of both projects and require planning, patience, flexibility, creativity, and a sense of humor. Karla is a critical part of our team, well respected by her co-workers and committed to serving the campus community.

Jennifer Ralph

Jennifer conducts multiple safety trainings; food and sanitation investigations as the local enforcement agency; and she partners with the USU student employees to ensure their Occupational Health and Safety. Recently, she has been the driving force of our Workplace Violence Program collaborating with UP and SHCS. Jennifer has the ability to see both the "big picture" and the details, and has an intuitive and professional way in which she navigates the often complex and/or unusual issues we face. She has a good sense of priorities, a respect for both the letter and spirit of the law, and an excellent, common-sense approach to problem solving. She places a high value on customer service, and recognizes that there are often a number of paths to "get to yes." Jennifer is highly respected by those within her department as well as the external partners.