Vice President's Award

In 2005, the Vice President created a new award for FAS departments and teams.  These are usually awarded during the quarterly FAS division meetings.  The Vice President awards departments in recognition of exceptional service, teamwork, and/or other notable accomplishments.   

October 2015 - Safety, Risk and Sustainability
"Small but Mighty"

March 2015 - Planning Design & Construction
"Constructing our Campus Legacy"

October 2014 - Chief McManus and Robert Williams
"Protecting our Campus Community Above All Else"

April 2014 - Dora Knoblock
"For 25 Years of Dedicated Service"

October 2013 - Joanne Shydian
Dedicated Leader, Valued Colleague, Highly Regarded Expert"

February 2013 - Ellen Cardoso
"Model of Integrity, Dependability and Steadfast Composure"

October 2012 - Regina Frasca
"Crisis Management Expert"

October 2011 - Mary Hinchman
"Preserving our Legacy While Securing our Future"

February 2011 - Melanie Niedens and University Catering

October 2010 - Katy Rees
"For your embodiment of the "university first" perspective, our endless thanks"

February 2010 - Human Resources & Equal Opportunity

October 2009 - Payroll Services
"In Recognition . . . For going above and beyond at a time of challenges . . . and for your outstanding service to our campus"

July 2009 - Business and Financial Services
Accounting and Technology Services, Budget Office, Procurement & Support Services and Student Financial Services

March 2009 - Dean Manship, Ed Johnson, and Steve Holbrook
Flex Your Power

October 2008 - Doug Miller
"In Recognition . . . You lead and inspire us all" 

February 2008 - Neal Hoss
"In Recognition . . . A dash of caffeinated enthusiasm combined with your cleverly cool humor splashed with your sensible wisdom topped off with your unruffled focus all the ingredients of a great VP!"

October 2007 - Linda Leiter
"In Recognition . . . As a single force, through creativity, flexibility, and sheer determination, you have met and conquered in the fields of parking, risk, litigation, law enforcement, human resources, emergency management, and event scheduling.  Pioneer, budget guru, mentor, and friend, you have created a legacy to be emulated and admired."

June 2007 - The Clarke Field House
"In Recognition. . .  to the Employees of “The Clarke” together we set the foundation stones that established the  M. Gordon Clarke Field House/University Student Union which has flourished to serve this campus with pride and honor. For your commitment and dedication We Thank You"

February 2007 - University Police Department
"In Recognition. . . for your commitment to teamwork and professional excellence in building a unified department dedicated to service, achieving goals, and developing innovative programs that enhance the mission of the university and improve the quality of life at Cal State San Marcos."

October 2006 - Finance and Business Services
"In recognition...for demonstrating teamwork and excellence as leaders in financial reporting.  Congratulations on achieving the prestigious position of being the first campus in the CSU System to submit its financial reports for two consecutive years"

June 2006 - Facility Services 
"In recognition. . .through shared purpose, positive attitude, determination and challenge, an extraordinary team has become an unstoppable force.  Congratulations for receiving the titles of Recyclemania Grand Champions 2005 and 2006"

February 2006 - University Budget Office
"In recognition...for being small but incredibly mighty!  You have gone above and beyond your size and scope in providing the campus community with budget expertise, clarity, enlightenment, and service"

October 2005 - Parking and Transportation Services 
"In recognition....because you have continuously innovated, enhanced, enriched, and strengthened your performance and services to the campus community"