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Frequently Asked Questions

Who must participate in the Early Start Program?

When does Early Start begin?

I have to participate in Early Start, how do I register?

How do I know what courses I need to register for Early Start?

What is the difference between satisfying Early Start and ELM/EPT remediation and satisfying Early Start only?

How much does Early Start cost?

When do I need to pay my Early Start course(s)?

Can I Early Start at another campus?

Can I take Early Start courses at a community college?

I have summer plans that conflict with Early Start, what are my options?

What if I don’t attend Early Start?

What happens after I have completed the Early Start Course?

How do I transfer my Early Start grade from another campus?

When can I register for my fall courses?

What courses are CSU approved to exempt me from ELM if I am conditional?

What courses are CSU approved to exempt me from the EPT?

I am conditionally exempt and in an approved course, what else do I need to be completely exempt?

I am not conditionally exempt, but I am enrolled in an approved course, do I still have to participate in Early Start?

I have an Entry Level Math Exam hold and/or an Entry Level English Exam hold but I already took the exam.  How can I remove the hold?

I have a Remediation Enrollment Block, how do I get it removed?

What does “non-compliance with Early Start” mean?

Additional Questions?

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