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English Placement Test (EPT) & Entry Level Mathematics (ELM) Placement Examination

IMPORTANT NOTE: Incoming freshmen for the Fall 2016 semester must take the EPT and ELM Exams, no later than Saturday, May 7, 2016.  Students who do not take the exams by the May 7, 2016 deadline will not be allowed to attend CSUSM in the Fall 2016 semester.

The link below will inform you of the upcoming dates the EPT and ELM exams will be offered on the CSUSM Campus and all other CSU Campuses and allow you to register for the exams of your choice:

Register for the EPT & ELM  

Walk-in Information for July 9, 2016 Exam

ELM-EPT Testing with Special Accomodations

The following links are resources to help you prepare to take the EPT:

Below are some resources to help you prepare to take the ELM:

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