Information For

Faculty Staff Reserving Space

Please note that in order for your reservation to be confirmed, you must submit your correct chargeback or foundation account number.

To request space at The Clarke:
1. Submit an eRFU(Electronic Request for Facility Use). If you do not already have a 25Live account, please contact Brad Atherton at regarding the required training for a new account. Please make sure that the information on your eRFU is specific and complete or it will be returned.

*Please submit your on-line request for events at least three weeks in advance of the event.  If you are requesting simple meeting space then 2 days in advance is required.

*If you have an emergency/short notice request for a meeting, you must still submit an eRFU or call us The Clarke's Information Desk at 760-750-7400 and we will process your request as soon as possible.

*Please notify The Clarke when you need to cancel your room reservation so that the room can be made available for others.  If a group is found to be reserving multiple blocks of time and not using them, their reservation may be canceled and they will only be allowed to make single date reservations for the rest of the semester.

*A 48-hour cancellation notice is needed for any special event set-up for on-campus groups.  A 24-hour notification is acceptable for smaller events.  Any incurred costs will be the responsibility of the requesting department.

The information below is provided to assist you in completing the eRFU and to provide you with some basic information to help you plan for your event.

Sponsoring Department or Organization

  • When filling out the event request form, please be sure that the budget account number is listed on the form.


All caterers used on-campus must be on the approved caterer's list. If you are having any food items, please indicate so on the event request form. If you are using a campus approved caterer, please indicate which one in the notes field on the event request form. You may find further information on catering by consulting the catering guidelines document.

  • If you are requesting that alcohol be served, you must receive approval according to the Alcohol Policy. The original fully executed Alcohol Approval Request form must be received by The Clarke before a space reservation request will be confirmed.
  • If you are arranging for catered service, please be sure to indicate the number of tables that will be required for the food service set up according to the chart below.

Indicate Your Needs in Detail

  • If you plan on having an off-campus speaker: The speaker needs to have an Indemnification Form filled out by the speaker and submitted to The Clarke's Event Cordinator. (Please note: The Clarke needs the Indemnification Form with ORIGINAL Signatures for their records.  The indemnification form can be found at the Risk Management Assessment website under #3 bullet point.
  • If you have specific needs not covered on the event request form, please indicate those needs in the notes section of the form. (Ex: How you would like the room set. Will you need to use Smart Technology, Microphones, Catering Kitchen, Registration Tables etc..)
  • Please indicate planned activities in detail in the notes section as this may require review by Risk Management.

Changes in Service

  • For all changes in services that have already been approved, please go to your "Approved" requests on the R25 Web viewer site. Click on the scheduler's name to send an email to Clarke Events describing the changes that you require. Note: 48 hours advance notice is required.
  • If your event is still "Pending" you may "edit your request" on the R25 Web viewer and resubmit.
  • Please check the status of your event request by going to the R25 Web Viewer site, click on "My Requests" and check both "Pending" and "Approved"