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Personal Training

Let us help you with your Fitness Goals!

Campus Recreation has nationally certified Personal Trainers on staff to help you meet your individual fitness goals.  Personal Trainers are current students of Cal State San Marcos University working towards their degrees.  Through practical application of coursework based on current research and trends in fitness and exercise programming, Campus Rec Personal Trainers will lead individuals through safe, appropriate workouts, and create an individual exercise routine for you determined by your specific goals. 

Benefits of working with a Campus Rec Personal Trainer include:

  • Monitored, personalized training
  • Fitness testing and assessment
  • Proper use and familiarity with all fitness center equipment
  • Learn appropriate frequency, intensity, duration for your cardiovascular workouts
  • Learn proper strength training techniques, and progressive training principles
  • Individualized workout plan
  • Realistic goal setting
  • Nutritional recommendations

Enjoy Significant Savings when you share the cost of ‘Getting Fit' with your friends.

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