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How To Register

Fusion/IM Leagues Sign Up instructions:

Step 1: Go to to begin. Select the 'sign in here' link in the upper right corner. Enter your cougar username/password on the next screen (Example: coug055).

Step 2: To register, select the "Register" link located on the top below the Cal State San Marcos logo. Select the event(s) you are looking for under 'All Programs' and select 'Add to Cart' (you may add as many Intramurals as you please).

Step 3: Fill out the emergency contact information needed, and then proceed to add to cart/checkout for payment. Complete your payment online via debit/credit card. Upon completion, save receipt for your own personal records.

Step 4: Finally, sign up and register for a team on IM! For more information, look below under 'Important Notes' for detailed instructions about IM Leagues.

COMING SOON - payments + registration will be made online through Payments can no longer be made at the CFH Info Desk. For any questions or concerns, please contact us at


IM Leagues Website IM Leagues Create Account

Important Notes:

  • All schedules and updates will be provided through; this means the more information you provide, the easier it will be to get you the updates.
  • Roster adjustments can be made via, but each player must pay the Intramural registration fee for that particular sport before they will be eligible to participate.
  • Captains can allow for the option of free agents adding to their team. This is an efficient way to fill up your roster if you are in need of players.
  • ALL players must register on if they want to participate, NO EXCEPTIONS.
  • Only campus emails will be accepted.
  • Remember to bring your Student ID to every Intramural event upon registration. NO ID = NO PLAY!

**Campus Recreation reserves the right to change specifications for registration at any time. 

For information on registering for Special Events/Tiny Tournaments.