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Women's Volleyball

Women's Volleyball Tabling

CSUSM Women’s Club Volleyball is a highly competitive volleyball club for women who love the sport of volleyball. The team is affiliated with SCCVL and NCVF and participates in more than four tournaments during their six month season. The main goal of the Women’s Club Volleyball is to cultivate pride and tradition in CSUSM by creating a place where female athletes can return to play after their high school years and develop into the new teachers of the sport of volleyball.

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Title                     Name                     Email
President Anna Jensen
Vice-President Danaye Zaragoza
Treasurer Nikki Young
Faculty Advisor       Mindy Mills
Date Time Event Location
November 5-6 9am SDSU Tournament San Diego
February 5 8am Regional Tournament San Bernadino
February 19 8am Regional Tournament San Bernadino
March 5 9am Crossover Tournament Claremont
March 17-18 9am Las Vegas Classic Las Vegas
April 1 330pm Championships Anaheim
April 13-15 9am Nationals Kansas City