List Serve Netiquette

  1. Quote only enough text from the original message to make your message meaningful. Lengthy messages with many levels of quoting waste bandwidth and are difficult to read.
  2. Don't post encoded files or file attachments to CSUSafety.
  3. Please keep in mind that CSUSafety is for the discussion of safety issues related to California State Universities. Flames and other messages which do not add substantive content to the discussion are not appreciated.
  4. If your response is of interest to only one recipient, send it via private e-mail, not to CSUSafety.
  5. Include your e-mail address somewhere in the body of your message so that people can respond to you directly rather than clutter the list. Not all e-mail clients are capable of retrieving return addresses from message headers.
  6. Do not send commands intended for the list server to CSUSafety. Commands for subscribing, unsubscribing, etc., should be sent to
  7. Commercial postings are not allowed on CSUSafety.
  8. E-mail accounts which bounce large quantities of error messages back to the server will be unsubscribed. If you feel that you have been unsubscribed, simply try resubscribing.
  9. Changes to the configuration of your e-mail account will often render you incapable of posting to the list, unsubscribing, etc. In such cases, please e-mail the list-owner.
  10. If you have questions or problems with CSUSafety that you can't solve, e-mail me at, not through the CSUSafety mailing list.